From the universal application of antique tiles, polished tiles, and porcelain, to the sudden emergence of stone, these are the most accurate manifestations of this change. my country’s demand for kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops will increase by 7.3% annually, reaching 92.2 million square meters, but what is surprising is that most of the materials that should be developed are in a weak state. The survey report shows that China’s countertop market is expected to reach 26.7 billion (US$3.39 billion) in 2010. The completion of new houses and the refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms have stimulated the growth of material demand. The expansion of kitchens and the construction of more new bathrooms will further stimulate the development of the market.

mascarello granite

Mascarello granite kitchen countertops

The study pointed out that the most popular material in the Chinese market, somewhat unexpectedly, is a solid surface. In 2000, China’s solid surface materials accounted for only 3% of newly installed home countertops, and by 2010, the demand for solid surfaces accounted for nearly half of the market share.

As the price of stone falls, consumers’ recognition of its durability, repairability, attractive appearance, and minimal care needs has made solid surfaces flourish.

The study pointed out that the engineering stones introduced into the Chinese market in 2002 will also be developed, albeit at a slow pace. The rapid decline in the price of quartz makes it a good choice.

netuno bordeaux granite

Natural Nettuno Bordeaux granite countertops

In terms of quantity, natural stone, the second-largest market in 2010, will grow at a rate of less than 2% per year, and rolled materials will grow at a rate of less than 3% per year. The demand for ceramic tiles remained flat at 14 million square meters. The market share of all these materials will be occupied by more popular solid surface and engineered stone materials!

In China, most of the countertops are installed in newly built residential areas. In 2005, this market accounted for more than 70% of the market share. However, the demand for China’s housing renovation market will continue to grow rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%, and it is expected to exceed 30 million square meters in 2010!

desert beach granite

desert beach granite kitchen countertops