Disadvantages of natural stone for kitchen countertops:

Natural stone is heavier; when the two pieces are connected, the gap is large, and the connection is difficult, so seamless splicing is impossible; the permeability is also high, and the stains are difficult to clean; the elasticity is insufficient, and cracks will occur in the case of heavy blows.

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If you choose natural stone for the countertop, the disadvantage is that there is a requirement for length. If the joint is too long, it cannot be seamlessly joined like an artificial stone. In addition, natural stone has pores, so it is best to choose dark granite when making cabinet countertops, such as sesame black, black gold sand, Indian red, British brown, etc., to prevent bleeding and oil. The price per square meter of Chinese black, sesame black, black gold sand, and British brown is about 100 yuan, and obviously you can’t buy any artificial stone at this price.

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The advantages of natural stone for countertops:

1. Low price: Generally, you can buy very good imported stone in the market for 4 to 500 yuan, and this price can only buy mid-range artificial stone;

2. The pattern is natural and has many options;

3. Large hardness;

4. High density;

5. Wear resistance

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