Granite countertops are beautiful in appearance and can add value to the home. Most people think that granite is as hard as a nail, and it is true. Although granite is a hard, non-porous natural stone, it also needs the care to maintain its beauty and value.

cherry kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

China natural cherry kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

Step 1: Clean the countertop regularly to avoid dirt accumulation. Do not put any objects with gravel on the countertop. If you find any gravel on the countertop, remove it in time.

Step 2: Use natural oil-based cleaners. In addition, synthetic washing pads are used. Do not use products that are too abrasive.

Step 3: Clean up spills in time. Light-colored granite is easier to stain than dark-colored granite. Foods such as coffee, red wine, or tomatoes are dyed very quickly.

Step 4: Seal the granite regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This helps prevent spills from contaminating the granite countertops.

dark gray granite countertops

Black dark gray granite countertops

Step 5: If the granite countertop is coated with epoxy resin during the manufacturing process, avoid putting hot tableware on the countertop surface. Although the granite will not be affected, the epoxy will be damaged and it is not easy to repair.

Step 6: Do not use amino products, such as rosin or detergent. Avoid using rust removers or acid-based cleaners, and keep the oven and washing powder away from granite countertops.

Tips: Each granite sample has a bright color and tone. If a part of the granite countertop needs to be replaced, the replaced part may not match the original one. Special attention should be paid to sealing the granite countertops to prevent stains from contaminating the surface.

typhoon bordeaux granite countertops

China factory Typhoon Bordeaux granite countertops