As you know, for the strong natural characters of granite stone, granite has a high silica content and is an acid rock. Some granites contain trace amounts of radioactive elements, and such granites should be avoided for indoor use. The granite has a dense structure, a hard texture, good acid and alkali resistance, and good weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time. Granite countertops are the safest in your kitchen space.

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Granite is as durable as a house, does not drop debris, is not easy to scratch, and is not afraid of high temperatures. Regardless of color or light, as long as there is some common sense of conservation, it will not fade or darken. He is almost free from pollution, the surface gloss is very high after polishing, and the impurities brought by various weathers can hardly adhere.

The newly laid granite floor should not be used as a base wax and face wax. Within half a year to one year after laying, it is only necessary to spray and clean with the maintenance wax to prevent stains from penetrating into the granite and maintain its surface brightness. Due to the different flow direction and strength of the people passing through each day, the degree of wear on the granite surface is also different.

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For the newly laid granite ground, its main components are crystals of quartz, mica, and feldspar, which have high density and extremely high hardness. In addition, artificial polishing makes the granite surface almost free of pores, so when wax falls, the bottom wax Impermeable, no capillary action, of course, there is no or only a very weak adsorption force, such a wax surface when the person walks on it, it will easily fall off, making the waxwork in vain.