Granite is a kind of crystalline rock, formed by the cooling of magma under the earth’s crust. Its main components are feldspar and quartz. Granite is almost indestructible and can withstand drastic temperature changes.

Granite is a hard natural stone, which is usually not easily stained. However, due to long-term frequent use, granite countertops will eventually be stained.

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To avoid staining of granite countertops, follow the steps below.

Sealed granite countertops. Make sure that the granite countertops are in good sealing condition, at least twice a year. Most granite countertop manufacturers include sealing services, and granite countertops sold are usually resealed. Sealing is very important. Improper sealing will expose the pores of the granite, and the absorption speed will be greatly accelerated, even if the use time of the countertop is very short. Consult with granite countertop manufacturers on how to choose granite sealing products and care products.

Clean the granite countertops carefully. Clean the granite countertops after each use. Especially when you put food such as fresh meat, fish, etc. on the countertop or cut these foods on the countertop. The easiest way to clean granite countertops is to clean them with a neutral detergent or a neutral soap. Never use irritating descaling agents, cleaning agents, abrasive sponges, or iron wires, these products will scratch the countertop. Use a soft sponge and a neutral soap and water solution to gently scrub the countertop. Finally, rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

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Avoid using acidic products. Avoid using acidic liquids or acidic materials to prepare food on granite countertops. Acidic liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar, or spirits can cause granite countertops to be stained, especially white or light-colored granite countertops. If you need to use acid when preparing food, you should wash it with a neutral soap solution immediately after use.

Avoid putting fresh meat on the granite countertop. Fresh meat will leave bloodstains on the countertop, and even make the countertop emit an unpleasant smell. This can happen even if the countertop is properly sealed. In order to protect the granite countertops, it is best to place protective materials such as tin foil, plastic film, or parchment under the meat. These materials can absorb the moisture and blood of the meat. Remember to clean the countertop after use.

Avoid spilling oil on the countertop. Oil is one of the easiest liquids to stain the countertop. Any type of edible oil can penetrate into the fine pores of the granite and stain the countertop from the inside to the outside. Don’t worry, sealing can effectively prevent staining. Remember to seal at least twice a year.

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