You may wonder why granite can become such a popular countertop material. The first and most important point is the appearance of granite. The colorful colors make the granite match any decorative style, whether it is elegant, modern, or classic, or rustic. Granite has unpredictable colors and is considered one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Granite countertops are not only durable, but also durable, easy to clean, economical, and pollution-free.

dark brown granite countertops

Angola dark brown granite countertops

The best way to understand why people choose granite countertops is to first understand what granite is. Granite is a natural stone. The word “granite” comes from the Italian “Granito”, which means textured. Granite is an igneous rock, essentially formed by cooling and hardening molten magma. Granite contains crystalline minerals such as feldspar, quartz, and mica. The color and pattern of granite depend on the concentration of these minerals, temperature, pressure, and cooling rate. This series of colors and patterns make granite so charming and so unique.

Let’s talk about its durability. As you know, diamond is the hardest material. Granite ranks second. Many tools for cutting granite use diamond blades. This is because granite is an extremely hard material. It is recommended that you do not use knives on granite. You are not worried about scratching the granite, but that the hard granite will dull the knives. In addition, you can also put the high-temperature utensils directly on the granite countertop. This will not damage the granite countertops. Granite is one of the most heat-resistant materials. Granite is often used as a high-rise building material because it can resist wind and rain. It can be seen its sturdiness.

In addition, granite is almost a carefree material. Only use neutral soap and water for daily cleaning. Unlike marble, granite is formed by seabed sediment under pressure. Granite is an igneous rock with fewer pores. Occasionally, re-seal with a penetrating sealant, which only takes less than 15 minutes, which may be shorter than the time required to clean the countertop with a detergent. Unlike marble, which gradually loses its luster over time, granite can maintain its shiny luster for a long time.

brown persa granite

China Angola brown persa granite countertops

Many so-called “experts” recommend resealing the countertop once a year or more often, which is not quite correct. In fact, there is no timetable for resealing. If the frequency is too frequent, the sealant will block the pores of the granite and make the granite countertops blurred. The frequency of sealing depends on the type of stone and the frequency of use. The simple way is to pay close attention to the surrounding environment of the sink. If you find that the water cannot form a bead shape or penetrate the stone within 10-15 minutes, then it may need to be sealed. Sealing is very simple, you can apply some sealant before going to bed and leave it overnight. Sealants can be purchased at hardware stores.

Many people think that granite is very expensive, but this is not the case. With the development of new technologies, the cost of granite has dropped drastically in the past few decades. Nowadays, the price of some stones is low, even lower than artificial stone. The service life of granite is longer than any other countertop, not only because of its sturdiness but also because it is more than just popular. You know, it has been used since the Stone Age.

Although mining has an impact on the environment, other products are worse in some respects. Man-made products can produce deadly by-products. The durability and long-lasting beauty of granite make granite irreplaceable. The artificial countertops can be replaced frequently, resulting in greater waste (including environment and economy). More importantly, for the health of your family, granite will not breed bacteria. In fact, a comparative study on granite and other countertops such as rolled, wood, ceramic tiles, concrete, stainless steel, etc. show that sealed granite is second only to stainless steel in terms of antibacterial properties.

white cabinets with brown granite countertops

Packings of white cabinets with brown granite countertops

This is why granite is an ideal choice for countertop materials. Its durable, timeless beauty makes granite incomparable.