In order to cook delicious food, most owners are very concerned when decorating the kitchen, ranging from the choice of hardware accessories to the purchase of cabinet ceilings. Among them, the material of the countertop of the cabinet is the place that greatly affects the experience of use in the decoration. At present, 90% of the people who choose the material of cabinet countertops choose quartz stone, so why does everyone choose quartz stone?

sparkling black quartz

China sparkling black quartz

1. Why does everyone say that quartz stone is good? First of all, because its texture is very hard, I believe most people know how to draw glass. Needless to say, quartz stone is definitely used, so this fully explains In addition to the hardness of quartz stone, it is not easy to crack, so the waterproof effect is very good, even if it takes a long time, there is no need to worry about cracks and water leakage.

2. It can be seen that the surface of the quartz stone is very smooth, and it is very solid and heavy, which fully shows its hardness. If there is oil on the surface, it is not afraid, and it is still very easy to clean. I’m not afraid of stubborn stains on it, but although the quartz stone is good, the cost is not low. Then again, after hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent, they still care about this little money. After installing the quartz stone, you don’t have to worry about many problems in the future. Up.

3. Quartz stone is very heavy when installed on it, and its texture is still different, so the color is still different. Speaking of quartz stone, it still has shortcomings, that is, it is too hard, not easy to make, and too costly. High, and there are many fakes on the market, which are cheaper than real ones, so friends who have not installed it should be careful!