The kitchen is an occasion for people to wash vegetables and cook. This requires the kitchen not only to be moisture-proof and fire-proof but also to clean up the dirt accumulated by the oil fume. Therefore, kitchen decoration materials must be “relentless” when selecting materials for the decoration of the kitchen. To this end, the experts provided three unique skills.

The choice of floor materials for kitchen decoration materials: ceramic tiles and full-body tiles are the best.

black and white marble countertops

Natural black and white marble countertops

Nowadays, people are very demanding of materials in their decoration. In order to achieve the same indoor floor materials, some people also use natural stones such as granite and marble in the kitchen decoration materials. Experts pointed out that although these stones are tough and durable, they are beautiful and beautiful, but natural stones are not waterproof. Water droplets splashing on the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone and turn it into a painted face. If a large area gets wet, it will be relatively slippery and fall easily. Therefore, it is best to rarely use or not use natural stone on wet kitchen floors.

white marble worktop

Custom white marble worktop

In addition, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have always been improved in technology, but the most fatal weakness is the fear of water and moisture deformation. Currently, non-slip tiles or full-body tiles are the most widely used materials in kitchen decoration materials, which are economical and suitable for use. Experts suggest that the moisture-proof function should be fully considered when choosing materials for decorating the kitchen.

Kitchen decoration material wall material: scrub-resistant ceramic tile legal red

white marble laminate countertop

Cheap white marble laminate countertop

Experts pointed out that kitchen walls should be made of wall materials that are convenient and clean, not easily stained with oil, and must be resistant to fire and thermal deformation. At present, fire-resistant plastic wallpapers and prepared fire-resistant panels are available in major building materials markets, but the most popular ones are tiles with a variety of colors and can activate the kitchen vision. The peculiar physical stability of ceramic tiles, high-temperature resistance, and easy scrubbing are all indications that it has occupied the main material of kitchen walls for a long time.

Top surface material: gusset is worth considering

Kitchen decoration material experts pointed out that no matter which material the ceiling chooses, it must be fireproof and not deformed. At present, the ceiling materials of kitchen decoration materials for kitchens in the building materials market are mainly plastic gussets and aluminum gussets. Among them, plastic gussets are cheap, but there are few designs to choose from. The aluminum gusset is very beautiful, the common ones are