As a man-made material that imitates natural stone, porcelain slab has high popularity in the market. It has a price advantage in imitating high-end marble, and it has physical performance advantages compared to marble when used in some watery and oily environments. Therefore, it has great prospects as a kitchen countertop. Today, let’s take a look at the conventional practice of using rock slabs for kitchen countertops. There are two main ways to make kitchen countertops with slate.

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The first type is the same as the conventional quartz stone countertops. The front hanging edge is rotated at a 45-degree angle to a 45mm right angle, and the water-retaining strip is installed as a 60mm high-grind single-sided water retaining strip during later installation. This method is the same as our conventional method. After the water retaining wall is installed, the gap between the water retaining wall and the wall is made beautiful.

In the second type, the front hanging edge of the rock slab table is directly the thickness of the single-layer rock slab, and it is no longer to touch 45 degrees and turn 45 mm at a right angle. The practice of rear retaining water is the same as the first one. This approach is more simple and beautiful than the first approach. Only this approach requires the cooperation of the floor cabinet because, in this way, the height of the floor cabinet and the height and position of the cover of the floor cabinet door is obviously required.

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The sink method can be done on stage, Taichung, and off stage. There is no difference. It mainly depends on the needs of customers.

Therefore, the main difference between rock slabs for kitchen countertops and quartz stone for kitchen countertops is that the processing method of rock slabs is single, and more complicated shapes and processing are not allowed. Especially there is a way to polish the surface of the rock slab.

At present, among the two ways of making countertops, the second way is more popular with young customers, and the first way is still a lot of choices.

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