Although cabinet fitting is a later process, pipes and circuits need to be reserved in the design. So you must start now. When choosing cabinets, basins, electrical appliances, and other ancillary products, you must not just look at the appearance. The design of some products can save you worry about your work, but if you choose the wrong ancillary equipment, the kitchen will also It’s easy to mess with you.

Method 1. Resist corrosion without leaving stains. Cabinets, countertops, and floors occupy the largest area in the overall kitchen. When choosing materials, it is important to facilitate cleaning.

Cabinet: Commonly used cabinet materials include solid wood, metal, baking varnish, resin board, polymer, etc. Among them, the fully enclosed paint cabinet adopts no edge sealing design, which has good moisture resistance.

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Countertops: Common countertops include artificial stone, quartz stone, and marble. The biggest advantage of artificial stone is that it is a seamless installation of bonding and polishing, not easy to scratch, not easy to penetrate, and various colors. It is the preferred material for countertops. The countertop design should reduce the complicated shape.

Floor: Non-slip tiles or dark stone are the most ideal kitchen floor materials. It can resist-dyeing, acid, and alkali, and can resist the corrosion of cream, grease, tea, coffee, and various foods, and it is not easy to leave stains.

Method 2. Easy to clean without leaving dead corners and sanitary dead corners. As the name suggests, it is difficult to clean kitchen corners. In the kitchen decoration, these details are ingeniously and simply designed to easily remove the sanitary corners.

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Pipes: There are many pipes in the kitchen. Avoid them when installing cabinets to maintain the integrity of the cabinets. This reduces sanitary blind spots and makes the space clear at a glance.

Design: Finger design is a very practical design. This design is to add an arc design to each right-angle corner of the cabinet, wall cabinet, etc. so that the right angle becomes an arc, which is not only beautiful but also facilitates the cleaning work to a large extent. The corners on the inside of the drawer are designed to be curved, which is easy to clean.

Water basin: The water basin is a kitchen utensil that is used frequently. The under-counter basin is designed to make the edge of the basin lower than the countertop, preventing water from overflowing, helping the countertop clean, and solving the problem of difficult cleaning of the side seams.

Method 3. The overall design of kitchen appliances In the overall design of the kitchen, in addition to the commonly used basic appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, some advanced small kitchen appliances should be added to make the kitchen cleaning work twice the result with half the effort.

Garbage disposer: It has been very popular abroad and can be installed under the sink and connected to the drain pipe. By pressing the button, the processor can easily grind the food waste into fine particles and enter the sewage system in just a few seconds to avoid odor.

U-shaped guide hood: Installed around the table to form a completely enclosed space, effectively avoiding annoying oil pollution problems.

An intimate reminder that the overall kitchen is designed in advance to test the industriousness of the occupants. Once you neglect the cleaning, oil, water and dust will collectively protest to you.

The integrated design of the cabinet and electricity can free you from cleaning work to a great extent. It can be completed by rationally designing pipes and lines on the basis of previous cabinets and electrical appliances.

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The easiest way is to communicate with the overall cabinet designer first. As brand cabinets such as Boloni and Haier provide door-to-door design services for the overall kitchen, this work is not complicated.

Don’t buy cabinets and appliances after the decoration is over. Not only will the combination be unreasonable, but your decoration budget will also increase unintentionally!