We all know that gravity is inextricably linked to our daily lives. Because of gravity, the atmosphere and oceans can flow; Because of gravity, everything around us, such as people, furniture, cars, etc., can stay on the surface and not float everywhere. It can be said that gravity maintains people’s normal daily life.

Such an important gravity has also become an important topic for many scientists to study. In addition to the scientific community, designers are also studying and using gravity.

Commissioned by the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and designed by designer Joe Doucet, the Annex Snap-On Marble Table is a “gravity marble table.”

Joe Doucet designed the table entirely of hand-polished marble, each component firmly held together by gravity alone.

This marble snap-on table is loved by many people. This is because, on the one hand, it preserves the naturalness of stone to the greatest extent, without other materials and design, simple and atmospheric; On the other hand, the clever use of gravity also adds a lot to the overall design.

This design, out of 10, how many points will you score?