Granite—a durable natural stone—has a strong visual appeal and a series of beneficial properties that make it the first choice for home decoration. There is no doubt that granite is your first choice when choosing kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops because of their durability, ease of use, and timeless beauty.

Self-installation of granite countertops reduces the cost of granite and makes them affordable for ordinary consumers, making granite countertops available to thousands of households. Especially when considering those cheap but unsatisfactory alternatives, granite countertops seem to be irreplaceable. If you have some good carpentry skills, then you can quickly learn how to install granite countertops. This way you can save the cost of inviting professionals to install the kitchen and bathroom.

granite slab countertop

Cut to sizes granite slab countertop

Although most of the conditions are available, the installation of kitchen and bathroom granite countertops still requires professional services and professional tools. On the one hand, self-installation can show one’s own woodworking skills, and on the other hand, it can save costs.

To start installing kitchen and bathroom countertops, you need to make some preliminary choices and prepare some professional tools to install countertops. The first and most important step is to understand the countertop completion plan and choose the easiest plan according to your preferences. Here are some countertop edge styles, you can choose from them.

1. Thick edges
2. Polished right-angle edges
3. Wooden decorative edges
4. Porcelain armrest accessories
5. Metal outer edge

purple granite countertops

Colored purple granite countertops

Installation process
Once you decide on the style of the edge of the countertop, you need to unload or remove the existing countertop. You also need to remove the sink, faucet, and other utensils. You need to move these to other places to avoid unnecessary losses. Now loosen the screws holding the tabletop and remove it.

To be honest, this is a cost-saving measure you can do, because you absolutely don’t want to hurt expensive granite countertops, nor do you want to damage the aesthetic value of the countertops.

The removal step is followed by the second step of the installation—measurement. It is best to use professional services here so that you can really save costs. If you make a mistake in your own measurement, it will be difficult to handle. On the other hand, the granite can not be damaged in any way.

santa cecilia granite countertops

Hot sale Santa Cecilia granite countertops

The installation expert will make a model through measurement. How to cut with a diamond saw. In order to avoid damage caused by improper installation, a horizontal seat should be made on the top of the counter in the kitchen and bathroom to ensure the long-term safety of the granite.