1. What is a granite countertop?

As the name suggests, granite countertops are countertops made of granite. Generally, granite countertops are widely used in Europe and America. In China, granite countertops are mainly used in kitchens and laundry pools. Domestically popular kitchen countertops include imported granite such as black sand, Indian red, and British brown, and domestic black granite such as Shanxi black and Mongolia black.

Advantages: As a traditional cabinet countertop material, granite has a high density, high hardness, and abrasion-resistant surface, which reduces the possibility of hiding dirt to a certain extent. Tests have proved that among all the materials that can be used for kitchen countertops, granite has better anti-bacterial regeneration ability.

Disadvantages: There are limitations of natural materials. The length of natural stone is usually not long, so if you want to make a long overall countertop, there must be seams, and these seams are also easy to hide dirt. If you like natural materials very much, granite with strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but you must pay special attention to the level of joints of the construction workers.

grey granite countertops with white cabinets

Steel grey granite countertops with white cabinets

Let’s take a look at the evaluation of ordinary consumers on granite countertops
Advantages: The texture is hard, easy to use, and beautiful in appearance. I choose this material myself now, which I think is more practical, especially since I like cooking very much. It is no problem to knock a dried fruit or make a white chicken.

1). The granite cannot be formed in one piece. The granite is a piece of feldspar strips. A flat-shaped countertop is okay, but the countertop with a corner can only be made of one stone on one side, not a whole piece. The decorative cornice is not as good as the artificial stone.

2). The stone has natural pores, so the oil will be absorbed by the pores of the stone after a long time, and the countertop will not be smooth. At this time, you can ask a professional cleaning company to do a cleaning. (I personally think this is more reliable than polishing the countertop.)

3). Granite contains a certain amount of radiation. The darker the stone, the higher the radiation content. But there is no definite evidence to show that anyone got sick because of the use of normal natural stone in the kitchen, and it was used extensively in all commercial places, and the environmental monitoring department did not think it was inappropriate, so I personally can accept it.

grey mist granite

grey mist granite countertops

2. How thick is the granite countertop?
Generally speaking, the thickness of granite countertops is between 0.5-1.5 feet. The thickness of a granite countertop is proportional to its size. Therefore, the thickness of a 96-foot kitchen countertop is usually 1-1.25 feet. The thickness of a 36-foot bathroom countertop maybe 0.5-0.75 feet.

In addition, non-solid granite countertops can be used as a cover for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Granite tiles and the like are usually thinner than solid granite countertops, and their thickness is mostly about 0.33 feet. These are pasted on concrete countertops, and because countertops are thinner and lighter than solid granite countertops, they are more likely to break or fall off.

3. Weight of granite countertop

Thicker granite countertops are also heavier. Some granite crafts can weigh up to one ton and require cranes or elevators for installation. These are usually fixed decorations for the garden. They are large enough to withstand various environmental factors outdoors.

dark grey granite countertops

Natural dark grey granite countertops

Small interior decorations usually weigh 20 to 80 pounds. The 20-pound countertop is usually a single vanity countertop, and the larger one can be used as a kitchen countertop. Some professional kitchens use granite countertops. These are usually large indoor granite countertops, often weighing more than 400 pounds.

Installing an 80-pound kitchen countertop is very tiring. Lifting them and placing them in place may cause damage to the countertop. Ask someone for help when installing by yourself.