Because artificial stone is rich in color, consistent on the outside and inside, non-toxic, non-radiation, flame retardant, impermeable, antibacterial and mildew resistant, impact-resistant, easy to maintain, seamless splicing, and rich in shape, it is more and more used on kitchen countertops. And other interior decorations. The use frequency of cabinet countertops is very high, often and long-term contact with oil, even if an artificial stone has so many advantages, in order to maintain the beauty of the artificial stone countertop and prolong the service life of the countertop, consumers need to pay attention to the later maintenance and maintenance of the artificial stone countertop.

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At the same time, it is recommended that consumers choose artificial stone slabs produced by regular manufacturers when choosing artificial stone countertops. Secondly, try to choose pure aluminum artificial stone such as Gorandi cabinet gemstones, composite acrylic, or pure acrylic countertops, because calcium powder board is in defense Penetration, tensile strength, bending strength and appearance are all worse than aluminum powder board.

1. Remember to clean up the pollution in time
Even if the water absorption rate of artificial stone is lower than that of natural stone, a long time (more than 12 hours) allowing water, soy sauce, vinegar, and other liquids to stay on the countertop may damage the surface of your countertop. For the beauty of your countertop, ensure that the countertop is a dry and clean countertop in time Stains on the surface to prevent stains from forming stubborn stains on the surface of the countertop. You can put a cushion under the bottles of soy sauce, vinegar, etc., to prevent the leaked liquid from penetrating the surface of the countertop without being cleaned for a long time.

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2. Don’t “hard” brush the countertop dye
If the countertop is dirty, wipe it with a cleaning cloth and detergent in time, then wipe it with a dry cloth. Never use a steel wire cleaning ball to clean it, as it is easy to scratch.

3. Avoid contact with a strong base and strong acid on the countertop
Strong bases and strong acids can burn the surface of artificial stone or make the countertop white. Do not directly touch the strong bases and strong acids. Except strictly prevent other strong chemicals from contacting the surface, such as paint remover, metal cleaner, stove cleaner. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish remover). If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately wash the surface with plenty of soapy water. If the nail polish is stained, please use an acetone-free cleaning agent (such as thinner, alcohol), and then wash it with water.

4. Avoid the table surface from being impacted by strong external forces
Where there is no thickening and reinforcement, vigorously chopping bones on it or subjecting it to vigorous impact may damage your countertop. Especially at the splicing line, avoid placing heavy objects.

5. Do not put the heat source directly on the table
Do not place items with too high temperature directly on the countertop, such as hot pots, hot pots, or other utensils with too high temperature from the stove, oven, microwave, etc., which may damage or even crack the artificial stone surface, Put a heat insulation pad under the item. Do not rinse with cold water and then boil the water immediately to prevent damage caused by alternating hot and cold shocks.

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6. Choose a professional artificial stone maintenance kit for daily care
Choose professional artificial stone countertop cleaning and maintenance supplies, and recommend a special maintenance kit for artificial stone.

7. Regular maintenance
Prolonged use of the countertop will cause minor scratches, lose the original luster, and easily penetrate into the stains. It is recommended that professionals should be regularly refurbished to maintain the luster.