Recently, the quality inspection of cabinet countertops has revealed many problems such as excessive formaldehyde emission of wood-based panel components and unqualified physical and chemical properties of countertops. According to the spot check results of the “Safety Technical Conditions for Cabinets”, “Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wooden Furniture of Interior Decoration Materials” and “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Special Spot Checks for Cabinet Products”, the unqualified pollution resistance of artificial stone countertops of cabinets is more prominent, due to the current market There are many types of artificial stone products, good and bad, and some companies do not know enough about the “Cabinet Safety Technical Conditions” and fail to strictly control the quality of raw materials, which are the main reasons for the unqualified. In addition, there are some enterprises that fail to meet the requirements of consumers in terms of the hardness and wear resistance of artificial stone countertops.

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In the raw material link, according to industry insiders, the main raw materials for the production of artificial stone are resin, aluminum hydroxide powder, color paste, accelerator, and curing agent, etc. Many manufacturers, in order to add more powder to reduce costs, the viscosity of the resin used is often less than 700. This results in insufficient toughness and hardness of the artificial stone, easy to break, easy to deform, poor anti-permeability, and poor surface finish. In addition, many manufacturers use natural stone powder and natural transparent substitute powder as additives, and most of the stone powder has doubts on environmental protection issues. If the color paste is not well selected, it will cause poor solubility with the resin, the large color difference of the product, easy to fade after sunlight, and the color is not elegant and gorgeous. Insufficient concentration of accelerator and curing agent will cause insufficient curing of the resin, and at the same time affect the color, toughness, and hardness of the artificial stone.

In technical aspects, it is understood that the artificial stone must be aged at about 80 degrees Celsius for 3 to 5 hours before leaving the factory, otherwise, the artificial stone will be easily deformed and bent. Many artificial stone factories use electric drills instead of mixers, and various materials are mixed unevenly. Manually sweep air bubbles to reduce the pores on the surface of the artificial stone, but there are a lot of pores inside. Without a curing room, many manufacturers just expose the artificial stone to the sun, which will make the artificial stone soft and easily deformed. In addition, the production process technology mastered by the artificial stone factory, the training of skilled workers, the reasonable arrangement of the production process, and the awareness and management level of the managers will all affect the quality of the product.

In addition, in order to lower the selling price, cabinet operators specially select low-priced artificial stones. The price of raw materials is now very transparent. When the ex-factory price of each piece of artificial stone is reduced to less than 300 yuan, there must be problems with the material composition and quality of the product, as well as the thickness of the product.

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Installation link, installation link is the key to the quality of the cabinet. No matter how good the artificial stone cabinet is, if the level of the processing workers is poor or the workers are not careful in processing and installing, and the processing environment is poor, it will also cause serious quality problems for the artificial stone countertops.

First of all, when the worker is measuring the ruler, it is easy to cause dimensional errors. Secondly, when the artificial stone is bonded, the clip is removed before the glue is cured, or too much accelerator and curing agent are put into the glue so that the glue becomes too brittle after curing. In addition, the processing workers do not polish and polish in place, because this link is the most waste of man-hours, so many processing workers cheat on this process.

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The last link in the on-site installation. Due to the low level of workers, inattentiveness, or difficulty in on-site work, the gap in the on-site splicing glue is too large; some workers add too much accelerator to the glue in order to speed up the on-site installation. With a curing agent, the glue port is easy to crack in the future; and the tabletop and the cabinet body are not completely contracted, causing the tabletop to hang in a large area.