Stone is a commonly used material in the decoration industry, which is mostly used for the outdoor decoration and public decoration. Most places where homes install stone are living room floors, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms. Kitchen countertops are mostly made of granite. In terms of material selection for bathroom walls, shower rooms, and floors, marble is the most popular. This is not only due to the beauty of marble and strong moisture resistance but also to the ease of maintenance of marble. Because the environment of the kitchen and bathroom is relatively humid, waterproof and oil-proof care must be done when installing the stone.

black and white marble countertops

Cheap black and white marble countertops

The maintenance of the kitchen and bathroom is different. In the selection of protective agents, oil and color resistant protective agents should be considered in the kitchen. In the bathroom, acid and alkali-resistant protective agents should be considered. For daily cleaning, we should choose some neutral stone-specific cleaning agents for cleaning, and try to avoid using acid-base cleaning agents to avoid man-made damage to the stone.

In order to reduce the water absorption rate of the stone and reduce the degree of adhesion between the deposit and the stone, the use of a permeable stone protective agent is the best way. It is recommended to use two kinds of protective agents on the newly installed stone. In order to protect the interior of the stone, a permeable silicone resin solvent can be used for protection to minimize water absorption. To protect the surface of the stone, fluorine-containing polymers with water and oil resistance can be used to reduce the damage of mineral deposits and soapy water stains to the stone.

white and gray marble countertops

Italy white and gray marble countertops

After a period of use, if the color of the marble surface becomes darker, you can polish the part with a liquid polishing mixture. If the marble surface needs to be polished again, it is better to polish it regularly instead of waiting for the stone surface to be seriously damaged and the appearance is very ugly. There are many brands of marble polishing agents on the market. Be careful not to use products that may damage the surface gloss of the stone.

The use of different protective agents and protective methods for the kitchen and bathroom can make the kitchen and bathroom stone get more comprehensive protection, and extend the use time of the kitchen and bathroom stone.