Nowadays, many people encounter a problem when decorating at home-is it better to use artificial stone for countertops or natural stone. In fact, according to the editor’s point of view, in fact, the two have their own merits. Let the editor lead everyone to take a look.

quartz countertops with backsplash

Pure white quartz countertops with backsplash

Artificial stone countertop
Artificial stone countertops-artificial stone is currently a very popular countertop material, which is made of natural ore powder + color master + acrylic resin glue through high temperature and high-pressure treatment. The artificial stone is colorful, uniform in texture, without pores on the surface, water stains and oil stains are not easy to penetrate into it, and has strong anti-fouling power. It is often called a polymer solid board.

The artificial stone countertop material has strong acid resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, penetration resistance, and easy cleaning. It has both the elegance of natural marble and the hardness of granite. It also has a wood-like delicate and warm feeling, and also has ceramic-like luster, and is extremely plastic. Its deformation, bonding, and turning parts are unique in processing. It can make any shape that meets the combination of beauty and practicality. Development trend, so it is known as the “second-generation material to replace other materials” in the industry, and its excellent quality is increasingly favored by people.

Artificial stone is divided into two types: seamless and seam. Seamless artificial stone is made of a material called methyl methacrylate, which can be seamlessly spliced ​​at any length. The two pieces are spliced ​​and polished with adhesive to become integrated. The pattern is rich, the overall shape is smooth, the lines are smooth, there is no trace at the seams, and it can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. The jointed artificial stone is spliced ​​with adhesive and has obvious gap marks, and it’s acid and alkali resistance and scratch resistance are slightly worse, and its price is 300-400 yuan/m. The general stains of artificial stone can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent, which is easy to maintain, but strong chemical agents such as paint remover, acetone-containing delustering water, pine perfume, and acid-containing plumbing cleaners can all harm it. Cause stains and severe impacts will also form dents on the surface. The price of artificial stone countertops is different between domestic and imported. Domestic seamless artificial stone countertops are around 1200-1500 yuan per meter.

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Natural stone countertops
Natural stone countertops-natural stone is natural stone. Natural stone includes marble and granite with various natural textures. They are more beautiful, hard in texture, cold to the touch and outstanding in scratch resistance. They are more traditional countertop materials. Two types of white flower and black flower are more commonly used, but only natural marble, because of its pores, it is easy to accumulate dirt, the antifouling performance is slightly insufficient, and the brittleness is large, and it is not possible to make a countertop of more than one meter.

Natural stone is dense and hard. It needs a strong cabinet to support it. However, it is not elastic enough. If it encounters a heavy blow or a sudden temperature change, invisible natural cracks will produce cracks that are difficult to repair. At the same time, natural stone cannot be too long and impossible. It is made into a long overall countertop, and the two pieces cannot be joined together. The joints are easy to accumulate dirt, breed bacteria and affect hygiene. The price of natural stone countertops varies with different designs and colors. The most commonly used ones are generally around 200 yuan per meter, which are the most economical and affordable countertop materials.

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