1. Abnormal shape:
1. Line: open blank board—–divide pieces—-typesetting number—–copy type—–splicing and polishing ——packing—-warehousing

1.1 Open the blank board: that is, the line product sawing is performed on the used blocks;

1.2 Sub-piece: According to the specifications of the line product, the blank board is divided according to the product specifications;

1.3 Typesetting and numbering: In order to ensure the smoothness and natural color of the product, the line blanks must be typeset and numbered before the product is imitated to avoid unnecessary scrap;

silver pearl leathered granite

silver pearl leathered granite countertops

1.4 Modeling: that is, using the photoelectric principle to model the line blank according to the product model on the drawing;

1.5 Splicing and polishing: Since the surface of the product processed by the imitation machine is still very rough and cannot reflect the natural color and pattern of the product, the imitation product must be polished. At the same time, in order to ensure that the size of the product is consistent after installation, the connection is smooth, so Products must be spliced;

2. Column: hollow column, solid column

2.1 Hollow column
2.1.1 Arc board: material selection—-breaking material—-wire saw digging arc—-grinding and polishing—-trimming the four sides—-typesetting number—-packaging—- Warehousing

2.1.2 Column head column base: material selection—-breaking material—-wire saw digging arc—–dividing parts—-typesetting number—–modeling—–grinding and polishing- —-Trying—–Typesetting Number—–Packaging—–Warehousing

Broken material: the product blank is cut according to the height of the product to improve material utilization and processing efficiency;

Wire saw for arc excavation: Use a CNC wire saw to cut the blank according to the product specifications in an arc shape;

Sub-parts: Since the column head and column base are relatively short compared to the column body, the column head and column base are generally closed according to the material situation, and then divided into pieces to improve production efficiency.

installing granite countertops on existing cabinets

installing granite countertops on existing cabinets

2. Countertop:
Basic process: material selection—–medium board—-color matching—–adhesive thickened side—–side molding—–opening—-grinding and polishing— –wrap up and store

3. Carving:
Basic process: material selection—-blanket slitting—-drawing production—-rough carving—-trial assembly—–fine polishing—-grinding and polishing—–packaging- —Warehousing.

polishing granite countertops

Silver pearl polishing granite countertops