The society has a strong desire to advocate green environmental protection and return to nature. And here, our real protagonist is made of pure natural marble, and marble countertops are warming up quietly. Marble countertops are recognized by consumers for their natural and elegant texture.

resealing marble

China resealing marble

The advantages of using marble countertops in home kitchen countertops can be summarized as follows:

The First, the marble material is pure natural and has a strong sense of simplicity, gorgeous and beautiful. In this fast-paced society, returning to nature after a busy day is a good way to relieve pressure.

The Second, the cost of marble countertops is relatively low, with different designs and colors. The most commonly used countertops cost only 200 yuan to 500 meters, which are the most economical and affordable countertop materials.

The Third is that the marble countertop material is highly durable, with outstanding scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, and maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low temperature deformation. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and it can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

marble laminate worktop

Brown marble laminate worktop

The Fourth is that it does not deform, has high hardness and strong wear resistance. After long-term natural aging, the structure of the rock is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress completely disappears, and it is not deformed. It is not afraid of acid, alkali liquid corrosion, no rust, no need to apply oil, not easy to stick to dust, easy and simple maintenance, and long service life.

marble bathroom vanity top

China marble bathroom vanity top

The Fifth is. Physically stable, well-structured, impacted grains fall off, the surface does not have burrs, does not affect the plane accuracy, the material is stable, can ensure long-term non-deformation, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the mechanical accuracy is high, rust, antimagnetic, insulation. It is not magnetized, can move smoothly during measurement, has no sense of stagnation, and is not affected by moisture. The flat scale is set.