Nowadays, with the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of decoration level, building decoration materials are flourishing, and not only stone but also stone derivatives artificial stone series is also widely used. As a new building material, the sintered stone is also very popular and has a broad market.

The sintered stone belongs to artificial stone, its main characteristic is sintered compact and derived from stone. Its components are mainly quartz, feldspar, and oxides that provide color and other raw materials. It is made by special technology and fired at a high temperature above 1200 ° C. It can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding, and other processing processes. Ultra-large specifications New porcelain material. In view of the large size of the sintered stone slabs, it is more common to use rock slabs as countertops. However, there is still news about the cracking of countertops made of sintered stone slabs on the market, which can not help but arouse people’s concerns about countertops made of sintered stone slabs.

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In fact, many people who have been engaged in stone processing have come into contact with countless natural stone and artificial stone countertops, but have not heard complaints from customers: stone processing companies have had countertops burst, even if they are used for hot pots. A similar phenomenon has not occurred on the countertop.

What is the reason for the countertop bursting? It is worthy of our exploration. This is not only a matter of safety, but also will have a major negative impact on the future development of sintered stone slabs, and may even destroy the rock slab industry. Here we simply analyze the influencing factors, or what should we pay attention to for the sintered stone slab countertop?

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1. For countertops without digging holes

For example, TV counter panels, coffee table panels, dining table panels, etc. made of sintered stone, because no holes are dug, there is no major damage to the stress of the slate, as long as the thickness meets the load-bearing requirements, almost all slabs can be processed. Countertop. The prerequisite is that there must be a load-bearing solid structure under the sintered stone slab to support the rock slab, and the rock slab countertop cannot be suspended in the air, otherwise, the countertop may crack or even break once it is subjected to an external force.

2. Countertops for digging holes
Most of these are washbasin panels, with basin holes and water hose holes drilled into them. If this kind of countertop is processed with a whole piece of the sintered stone, it will be more troublesome. When in use, the sintered stone may crack from the four corners of the basin hole and the round hole. Because the internal stress of the sintered stone slab is destroyed after the hole is opened, the balance of force is broken, which leads to the cracking of the rock slab. This kind of countertop has a high breakage rate during actual processing, and sometimes it will crack when opening holes.

Therefore, when the length and width of the hole-digging table are too large, it is not recommended to make it into a whole piece, and it is better to divide it into pieces.

As shown in the figure, there are many problems with the method of making the inner cavity of the countertop by gluing. One is that after a long time, the performance of the glue will decline or the bonded boards may fall off after aging; the other is that the glue seam will be affected by various substances from the outside after a long time, and the glue seam will hide dirt, which not only affects the appearance of the product, but also the glue. There may also be water seepage or leakage at the seams. Therefore, the inner cavity of the sink should be processed with stone, and processed into a whole with blocks, so as to avoid the occurrence of the above problems. If the slate processing company is still making this kind of sink panel bonded with plates, it must be cautious!

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3. For hot pot countertops and barbecue countertops
Many sintered stone processing companies believe that slate is a product that has withstood the test of more than 1,000 degrees and is fired from high temperatures. It is not easy to use it to make hot pot table tops and barbecue table tops. In fact, there is this view That would be dead wrong. Because products fired at high temperatures cannot be equated with high-temperature resistance.

We all have this kind of common sense: when a glass is put into high-temperature water or suddenly boiled water is added, the glass will explode suddenly, and the same may be true for solid rock slabs when heated.

Judging from the bursting of the countertops of hot pot restaurants, we believe that the sintered stone slabs are absolutely not recommended to be used as hot pot and barbecue countertops because the stress of sintered stone slabs will change under the action of high temperature, which will lead to sintered stone slabs self-explosion, which is extremely dangerous. When the slab is heated, it may self-explode as the energy increases, which poses a huge safety hazard. Unless special insulation measures are taken, the heat generated by the hot pot will not be transferred to the sintered stone countertop.

4. For sintered stone kitchen counter panels
The use of sintered stone slabs as kitchen countertops requires careful attention to the issue of digging the basin hole and the length of the countertop. In order to pursue the effect, the current countertop designers minimize the seams. The length of the sintered stone slab is as long as the countertop. The advantage of this design is that the table top is really good, but it also has disadvantages. Digging holes on such a long tabletop may bring many hidden dangers to the quality of the tabletop. The sintered stone slabs are similar to ceramic tiles. The fatal problem is that they are brittle. As a result of brittleness, they are easy to break and self-explode when subjected to a large external force.

Anyone who has used cabinet countertops knows that cracks will appear at the corners where the liquefied gas stove is installed for a long time, it is just a matter of time. On the one hand, it is caused by the stress concentration at the corner; on the other hand, it is caused by the long-term thermal effect of the liquefied gas stove. Although the sintered stone countertop has been tested at a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees, it is difficult to change this fate.

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Therefore, when the sintered stone is used as a kitchen countertop, the problems of the countertop and the bottom support structure should also be considered. If the structure is unreasonable, or the result of the suspension, it is inevitable that the slab will crack under force. Therefore, the processing enterprises of kitchen countertops should have an instruction manual to guide users on how to correctly use the sintered stone kitchen countertops and how to maintain the sintered stone countertops. While ensuring beauty and applicability, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of use.