Neu Lavendel Granite is a mineral resource with very stable physical properties and chemical substances. It is produced in Shandong province, China, code-named G302. It has the characteristics of natural markings and pretty colors. Prince Stone introduces you to several advantages of Neu Lavendel Granite:

1. Easy to clean
During the production process, the surface of Neu Lavendel Granite countertops is treated with a special process, which takes into account the two major effects of beauty and hygiene. The surface is dense and non-porous, forming a unique texture of micro-convex and concave, which is similar to the traditional rough surface of artificial stone countertops (macro visible Compared with the uneven surface), it is not easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria, and it is easier to clean.

Neu Lavendel Granite

Neu Lavendel Granite kitchen countertops

2. High-cost performance
Cabinets are the most important durable consumer goods in modern homes, and their matching countertops are the most frequently used part of people’s daily lives. There is no good cabinet without a good countertop. No one wants a very beautiful cabinet to be scratched, aging, or even broken in less than two years. Compared with ordinary granite, Neu Lavendel Granite countertops have the characteristics of longer life, less discoloration, less deformation, anti-permeability, and more scratch resistance. Basically, no special maintenance is required. After many years of use, the surface can still be as beautiful as new. In general, if granite is to be kept fresh, it is necessary to regularly perform maintenance work such as polishing and polishing, which will reduce the thickness of the countertop, affect the service life, and cause certain inconvenience to users.

Black Wood Grain Granite

Black Wood Grain Granite kitchen countertops

3. Scratch resistance, stain resistance, and heat resistance
A. Scratch resistance: The surface hardness of the Neu Lavendel Granite table top reaches 7.8-8.3 on the Mohs’ hard seat, which means that the metal appliances used daily in the family are not easy to scratch and wear. Generally, granite countertops have low hardness and are easy to scratch during use, which not only affects the appearance but also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Generally, the maintenance of granite needs to be re-polished every 1-2 years to keep the countertops flat and smooth. The dust generated during polishing is electrostatically charged and will be adsorbed on the furniture and difficult to clean. The powder floating in the air is also difficult to clean. It is difficult to settle, and after being inhaled into the human body, it will cause damage to health. Moreover, regular polishing will reduce the thickness of the countertop, reduce the strength of the countertop, increase the unevenness of the surface, and shorten the service life of the countertop. Due to the high surface hardness and easy maintenance of the G302 countertop, it basically does not require maintenance.

B. Stain resistance: Neu Lavendel Granite countertops have no microporous structure, and the average water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which ensures that there is basically no penetration.

C. Heat resistance: The surface has a high heat resistance and burns resistance, which can resist the burns of hot oil, hot pot, cigarette butts, etc., and maintain a long-lasting smoothness, and there will be no dents, burnt spots, and other phenomena.

Grey Landscape Granite

Grey Landscape Granite kitchen countertops

4. Low radiation
The national compulsory standard GB6566-2001 “Limits of Radionuclides for Building Materials” has been implemented since July 1, 2002. According to the latest inspection by the Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the radiation of Neu Lavendel Granite is very low, almost negligible.