Marble countertops are a luxurious feature of the kitchen. They add elegant style to space, and they also symbolize quality and eternal beauty. A marble is a combination of natural stones in the same family. Various colors of mineral impurity stones are available. Marble countertops have several advantages, of course, they also have some disadvantages.

laminate countertops that look like marble

Edges laminate countertops that look like marble

Classic and beautiful, the marble countertops in the kitchen will always add elegance. It has a lovely look and often adds dramatic decorations. Marble countertops are perfect, however, if you like sustainable interior design materials, there may not be only one marble countertop to go.

blue marble countertops

Luxury natural blue marble countertops

In terms of maintenance, marble countertops are very demanding. There are many things that should not be done. You must be very careful when you use it on the surface. Mild detergents can also damage the surface of the marble, so it is best to use warm water and a soft cloth. Of course, there are special marble cleaners, and it is also recommended to use water-based paint to clean the marble, preferably once a year.

fake marble countertop

Natural similar fake marble countertop