At present, there are more and more owners who choose quartz stone as countertops. Why is quartz stone the first choice for countertops? Because quartz stone is a brand-new artificial stone product made of 93% quartz crystal, 7% resin, and other binders through quartz equipment, it has been listed as a green decorative stone by the country. Quartz stone has many advantages such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-permeability, zero formaldehyde, and no radiation. However, the relatively high price of quartz stone and the difficulty of processing have become its disadvantages.

white quartz that looks like marble

China white quartz that looks like marble

With the continuous improvement of the production technology and production capacity of my country’s quartz stone manufacturers, the quartz stone plates have also developed from the previous single color to the current two-color, multi-color, and pattern, etc., giving us diversified choices, and the price of quartz stone is more affordable. For the quartz stone processing industry, there is no relevant standard, and even some small processing plants still use hand-held cutting machines for cutting. Quartz stone processing is actually a very important part because it directly affects the service life of the overall countertop.

white quartz stone price

Cheap white quartz stone price

Quartz stone countertop processing can be divided into cutting, opening, slicing, and polishing. Let’s look at the details that should be paid attention to:

① Check carefully with the drawings before cutting. To avoid dry cutting, use a water saw to cut the material. Pay attention to the chipping of the pellets.

②When opening furnace holes and basin holes, avoid opening holes at right angles. Round-corner openings should be used to prevent later cracking due to heat or heavy blows.

white quartz countertops that look like marble

Pure white quartz countertops that look like marble

③The splicing glue should use the original resin glue issued by the manufacturer. The most important thing is polishing. The quartz stone will often lose its original color during polishing. The darker the color, the more obvious it is. So start to apply 500# water milling sheet, and then Use 1000#, 2000#, 3000# water abrasive pads in turn for polishing.