I. Stone washbasin color of countertops:

1. The colors of the plates must match each other, no color difference is required;

2. The variety between each board requires the same board to be carefully color-matched, requiring no color difference.

II. Stone washbasin Appearance of countertop plate:

1. No foreign objects and impurities are allowed on the surface of the board;

2. The front and middle of the board (processed product) are not allowed to have air holes, and the back surface is allowed to have a small number of air holes;

3. The particles on the front of the board should be evenly distributed;

4. The unevenness of the front and back of the board may cause the phenomenon of chipping;

5. The front of the board is not allowed to have unevenness and conspicuous sand marks, and the surface is smooth;

6. The front surface of the finished product requires consistent gloss everywhere, no visible sand marks or repair marks, and the surface is smooth.

wolf cultured marble vanity tops

wolf cultured marble vanity tops

III. Stone washbasin Tabletop size:

Inspect the finished product according to the order size, the specific size and allowable deviation are as follows:


2, 96″×30″×1/4″

3, 145″×30″×5/8″

4, 96″×26″×1/2″


Quality requirements:

1. Length and width tolerance ± 2mm

2. Thickness tolerance ±0.5mm

4. Stone washbasin Physical properties of countertop plate:

The hardness of each variety is determined to be 55 or higher.

granite marble

granite marble

Other requirements:

1. When processing the side and front water of the washstand, the water height is 3mm±0.4mm, and the height of the rear baffle is 101-102P, which is 101.5±0.5mm;

2. Round corners (the corner of the two pieces) are required for the washbasin and the corners of the pieces, and the radius r = 3mm;

3. The distance between the washbasin basin and the front edge is 2″±0.6mm, such as three holes, the center distance of each two holes is 2″

4. The inside corner r = 1/8″ or 3mm on the inner side of the backplate of the countertop;

5. All joints must not have visible joints, joint marks, no glue marks, no knife marks;

6. The interfaces are too natural, and there should be no protrusions or depressions;

7. The PE film needs to be smooth after passing through the film, without obvious large bubbles;

8. The product qualification certificate of the board and chess pieces is attached to the film at the upper right corner;

9. The washstand certificate is attached to the bottom left of the washstand;

10. The bathroom wall panels and female corner lines of the same batch must be the same color without a color difference.