The service life of cabinet countertops is closely related to processing and installation. If quartz stone is used for cabinet countertops, we need to pay attention to those aspects during the installation process.

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1. Before installation, you need to check the flatness of the on-site cabinets and floor cabinets and check whether there is no error between the required installation countertop and the size of the site. If there is an error, you need to reprocess, trim, or adjust the cabinet.

2. When installing the countertop, you need to keep the distance between the countertop and the wall. Generally, the gap is as much as 3-5mm. The main purpose of leaving this gap is to prevent the expansion and contraction of the back surface and the cabinet from expanding and contracting. , After the installation is complete, you need to put glue on the gap.

3. If you need to install sinks and other devices, you should first perform some partial repairs on the quartz stone countertops and the water barriers on the countertops, and knock them to check whether they are suspended. For some tiny suspended shapes, we can place them on the back bottom of the stone. Add some glass glue for filling. For some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction and adjust the cabinet to a flat state.

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4. For some L-shaped countertops or some ultra-long countertops, some strong glass clamps can be used to clamp the extrusion gap of the countertop when necessary, and the gap must be cleaned.

5. Apply some coloring glue evenly on the bottom of the water-retaining strips of the cabinet to adhere to the water retaining strips. Do not use connecting colloids such as marble glue to prevent adhesion after bonding. The connection is too tight, causing cracking or fracture of the countertop.

Quartz stone cabinet countertops should always be kept clean after use, first of all. Try to prevent wetting, including door panels should be wiped dry frequently, not temporarily soaked in water to prevent deformation and cracking. The production history of quartz stone manufacturers in my country has been more than ten years, and the quality is comparable to that of imported quartz stone. Some manufacturers have exceeded the quality of foreign countries, and the price of quartz stone is acceptable to the public. The warm sound reminds you to buy a famous domestic brand quartz stone!

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grey quartz kitchen countertops