For the artificial stone paving window sill and the precautions of the kitchen countertop, the backing plate should be laid.

1. Kitchen countertop:

1). When artificial stone is used on the countertop of the kitchen, there must be no less than a 1.5 cm thick boxboard cushion on the top of the cabinet.


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2). Double layers of artificial stone must be added to the artificial stone countertop for water retention, and the bonding must be firm and uniform, the bonding surface should be flat, and the bonding glue should be applied to make the countertop reach the overall strength and not easy to break.

3). After digging the hole of the stove and the basin of the artificial stone kitchen counter, the saw cut must be polished with sandpaper to make it smooth and without a blunt mouth, and the outer side under the opening should be reinforced to enhance its strength. During installation, the inner side and the periphery of the stovetop mouth must be added with a turbo insulation layer to enhance the heat insulation effect of the stovetop.

4). When the countertop stove is directly placed on the artificial stone countertop, it will cause the countertop to age, crack and shorten the service life of the countertop due to the possibility of fire spraying down. Therefore, a wooden heat insulation layer must be placed on the bottom of the stovetop. Carry out heat insulation treatment.

5). When the temperature is low, do not continue to sand in one place to prevent local heating and cracking of the surface.

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2. Window sill countertops:

1). When artificial stone is used for bay windows and window sill countertops, you must first check whether the foundation is flat. If the foundation is uneven, do not lay artificial marble. It is best to use the large core board for decoration to level it before laying the artificial stone.

2). When the artificial stone countertop is laid on the window sill countertop, if the foundation is a large core board, it can be bonded with glass glue. If the foundation is a cement surface, it can be bonded with marble glue (marble glue).

3). When artificial stone is laid on the window sill table, a double-layer edge must be added to the bottom edge to enhance the strength of the table and prevent breakage.

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