In order to achieve the unification of indoor floor materials, some families also use natural stones such as granite and marble in the kitchen. Although these stones are durable, gorgeous, and beautiful, natural stones are not waterproof. Water splashing on the ground for a long time will deepen the color of the stone and become a painted face. If a large area gets wet, it will be slippery. Natural stone is not suitable for wet kitchen floors. Although the craftsmanship of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring has been improving, the most fatal weakness is the fear of water and moisture deformation. At present, non-slip tiles or full-body tiles are the most widely used materials in the kitchen, which are economical and practical. Reminder: The moisture-proof function should be fully considered when choosing materials for decorating the kitchen.

grey granite countertops

Light grey granite countertops

The walls of the kitchen should be made of wall materials that are easy to clean and are not easily stained with oil. They should also be resistant to fire and thermal deformation. At present, fire-resistant plastic wallpapers and processed fire-resistant panels are available, but the most popular ones are still tiles with a variety of colors that can activate the kitchen vision. The unique physical stability, high-temperature resistance, and easy scrubbing of ceramic tiles are the reasons why it has occupied the main material of kitchen walls for a long time.

No matter which material you choose for the ceiling, it must be fireproof and not deformed. At present, the most common kitchen ceilings in the market are plastic gussets and aluminum gussets. Plastic gussets are relatively cheap and have fewer designs to choose from. Aluminum gussets are very beautiful. The common ones are square plates and long strips. The spraying colors are rich and there is a lot of choices, but the price is more expensive, about 100 yuan to 150 yuan per square meter. If ceiling lamps are used, partitions should be made when the lamps are embedded in the ceiling to prevent the heat generated by the lamps from deforming the ceiling.

gray granite countertops

Brown gray granite countertops

Nowadays, the use of stone in home decoration is more common. It is generally used for countertops, floor and wall decorations, etc. It is suitable for matching with wood products, etc., and has a sense of complementarity. Then how to buy stone from the aspects of quality and environmental protection?

Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure stone has a fine texture, which is the best product of the stone, and the coarse and unequal grain structure of the stone has poor appearance quality.

average cost of granite countertops

Cheap average cost of granite countertops

The color, size, etc. of the stone should be selected in combination with the color of the wood products and the size of the room to achieve harmony and unity.