There are many types of cabinet countertops, and it is not possible to generalize when maintaining them. It is necessary to distinguish between maintenance methods. This article gives you the knowledge of furniture maintenance and introduces the maintenance methods of the two most common countertop materials-artificial stone and natural stone cabinet countertops. You must pay attention to the two types of cabinet countertops in your home!

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rococo quartz countertops

Artificial stone countertop maintenance:
Artificial stone countertops are easy to repair. After scratches or stains infiltrate, you can ask dedicated maintenance personnel to polish and polish, or you can use special water sandpaper to polish. When there is a crack, it is generally glued with stone glue first, and then sanded.

In order to avoid the trouble of repairing, always pay attention to maintenance. When placing the tableware, handle it gently, without dragging, and put the heat insulation pad; keep the countertop clean at all times, wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time, and then dry the countertop with a dry cloth To prevent stains from penetrating into the countertop, it is best to place a gasket under the liquid seasoning bottle to prevent the remaining liquid on the bottle from corroding the countertop; place heavy objects evenly, do not cut vegetables directly on the countertop, and use a suitable chopping board. Pay attention to moisture and polish and wax regularly.

Tip: It is recommended that consumers use artificial stone countertops for two or three months, first wipe the surface clean with a rag, and then wipe the countertop with a sponge dipped in floor wax, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and then wax it again. Can make the countertop as bright as new.

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White quartz top

Natural stone countertop maintenance:
All kinds of granite, marble, and other natural stones with natural texture have a hard texture, good wear resistance, and beautiful texture. However, there are pores on the surface of natural stone, which are easy to accumulate grease, not easy to splice, insufficient elasticity, and easy to break.

When cleaning natural stone countertops, a cleaning agent with a neutral pH value should generally be used to prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the countertop. During maintenance, you can first seal the micropores of the stone with a permeable protective agent to prevent pollutants from entering, and then use a surface protective agent to protect the color of the countertop.

Reminder: If necessary, polish the countertop with the polishing agent to make the stone show high brightness.

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