People who run around in the city are busy with work and life every day. Only when night falls and they return home can they take a breath and take a short rest. Take a hot bath, let the water wash away the stains on the body, and wash away the tiredness of the mind. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to rest. The bathroom has become a place for us to relax, and therefore, more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom.

The previous tile decoration obviously can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of most people. Therefore, the purely natural, non-irritating and delicate, and smooth marble has gradually become the new favorite of the bathroom and has become the decoration material favored by many people.

So what kind of style does marble have in the bathroom?

Arabescato Venato Marble: like clouds floating on the edge, layer by layer, one by one, overlapping, very lively. Such a lively “scene” is placed on the wall or on the ground, so the bathroom has a bit more vigor and vitality.

The countertop of the sink and the countertop of the bath come from the same marble slab, and they have similar textures, floating randomly like catkins. The atmosphere of the bathroom depends entirely on the thoughts of the person lying in the bath. When the mood is happy, the catkin-like texture will turn into bubbles, each of which says happiness; if it is overworked, each of them will be silent, turning the space Leave it to the master to rest. Ever-changing moods, and hundreds of interpretations, this is probably characteristic of marble.

The countertop of the bath is marble with a lighter grain. Gray is not gray, white is not white, and the mixture of white and gray would have been a little dull, but the colorful illustrations, and white flowers set off by green leaves, soften the space. In such a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, I just want to soak in the hot water, breathe quietly, and relax quietly.


The lights were bright enough to be in the bathroom, in the mirror, to examine the body, examine the soul. Under the lights, there is no hiding place for any mood. It cannot be hidden, only washed away. Fortunately, the bathtub is made of snow-white marble, which is clean and refreshing enough to wash away dirt, negative emotions, depression, and depression.

Bathtubs, sinks, walls, floors… we can all see the stone. They seem to be able to adorn every place; lighter-grained ones, darker-grained ones; white, yellow, each seems to have its own style. And they are resistant to dirt and wear, have a long service life, and can better accompany us and use them for a longer period of time; their natural and unique textures enhance the style of the space, blooming elegance, and noble beauty.