Easy to break during transportation, processing, and installation?

Will it break easily after installation?

Let’s talk about that.

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01. Processing process

1. In order to prevent the problem that the stone is easy to break, the natural marble wool board will generally add a back net on the back of the stone to enhance the integrity of the stone, and try to avoid the occurrence of stone breakage. However, due to the different experiences of workers who may be involved in transportation, it will also cause the stone to break.

2, natural marble in the factory processing, due to different shapes, and different positions, each piece of the completed size is not the same, and many boards are relatively narrow and long, so it is easy to cause a stone fracture, so in the factory processing, we generally after processing the size of natural marble length of more than 1 meter will be reinforced, the wider the width of the number of reinforcement will increase.

3. If the width of the cutting board is too narrow, we will generally add reinforcement within 10 cm, because the smaller the width, the more likely the stone is to break. When the board surface is large, we will also consider sticking an artificial stone on the back of the stone.

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02. Transportation process

1. Now natural marble will be pasted with a protective film on the smooth surface of the stone when it is processed in the factory, which can not only reduce fracture but also prevent scratches on the surface.

2. After these are done in the factory, the delivery by the master who transports the stone for a long time generally avoids the occurrence of stone fracture during transportation.

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03. Installation process

Installation is the same, professional installation master installation stone can also be a good way to avoid breakage. However, even if there is a small amount of fracture, it can be well disposed of when the mirror treatment is done after installation, which is also the advantage of natural marble.

1. When the ground is installed, the foundation is watered and wetted, and then the mixture of stone powder and cement is laid, and then the stone is pressed on it, the height is adjusted and compacted, and then a layer of cement slurry is laid on the stone peak, and the stone is laid on the cement slurry and compacted.

2. Therefore, when the ground is installed, the stone is not in direct contact with the foundation surface, and a layer of stone powder cement mixture, a layer of cement slurry, and then the stone.

3, the stone powder is excessive and leveling, cement slurry is a binder, the stone is the entire board surface landed on the cement slurry, and when the cement slurry dries and hardens and the stone is equivalent to a whole, it will not happen that walking on the stone will crack the stone.

4. The wall stone installation room is generally bonded to the woodworking base layer with marble glue and AB structural glue, generally as long as we do not specifically use sharp objects to hit the stone surface, the stone will generally not break.

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Therefore, we will understand that the stone is not easy to break after the installation of the back net of the natural marble wool board itself, the reinforced adhesive artificial stone processed in the factory, the professionalism of transportation and installation, and most important thing is to understand the structure of floor paving and wall bonding.