Materials/tools that should be prepared:

Before installing the marble countertop, you must first prepare the required materials and tools to prevent the lack of materials during the installation process. The materials and tools required for the installation of marble countertops include marble materials, hammers (used to remove old countertops), horizontal lines, silicone adhesives, and tape measures.

green marble worktop

Indian green marble worktop

Installation steps for marble countertops:

1. Use the prepared tape measure to measure the length and width of the table area to be installed, and then consider whether to install the table with a sink or to install the sink and the table separately according to the actual situation.

2. Move the prepared marble to the area to be installed. If the marble countertop is dirty or dusty, clean it up.

3. The new countertop is ready, then the old countertop and sink can be removed. Attention should be paid to this step: if the cabinet at the countertop is not replaced with a new one and needs to be used continuously, the integrity of the cabinet should be ensured when removing the old countertop and sink. Of course, if the situation permits, the old countertops and sinks can be removed a few days before the new marble countertops are installed, and the discarded items can be removed by the way.

green marble kitchen countertops

Luxury green marble kitchen countertops

4. After the installation area is processed, you can start to install the new marble countertop. Note that there is no need to apply any glue in this installation step. After installation, test the installation effect to see if the installation is appropriate. If the shape of the area where the countertop is installed is not a complete square or rectangle, it may be necessary to refurbish and perfect the new countertop after installation.

5. After installing the new marble countertop, the next step is to install the back baffle and make sure that the back baffle is tightly integrated with the wall. If there is a gap in the middle, necessary adjustment measures are required.

6. When all areas and corners are checked, the 100% clean silicone adhesive prepared before can be used. Note: The silicone adhesive used here should preferably be light-colored and ensure its cleanliness. After the adhesive is dried, its color will be displayed through the marble, while the light color itself is not obvious, which can ensure the surface beauty of the marble.

7. After all the processing is completed, let it stand for 8 hours and then check to see if the countertop has been evenly fixed on the cabinet.

green marble countertops

Indian green marble countertops

The above is the relevant introduction about “Marble Countertop Installation”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Remember, in the end, you must wait until the marble countertop is completely fixed, otherwise, it can’t be put into use!