Step 1 Measure the exact length and width of the granite countertop to estimate the floor area. Granite pricing is in square feet, so this data is needed to calculate granite countertop prices.

Step 2 Have an idea for the design of the countertop. The price of granite varies greatly due to the different edge pressing. For example, the edges of your countertops can be round or square – this will be the determining factor in the overall cost of the granite price.

Step 3 Negotiate with at least two different granite stores and compare prices. Depending on the level of assistance and attention an individual needs, the store provides one-on-one answers. Once the initial decision is made, estimate the cost based on the area of the countertop you measure.

Step 4 If you have consulted with two stores, you can determine which granite store will save you money.

Step 5 To show that you are serious about purchasing granite countertops, you can make a budget. By budgeting, you can try to avoid going over your budget and make the best choices possible.