First. Why does the stone grow moss?
Moss can still survive and adhere to the surface of the stone without nutrients because when the buds fly down and adhere to the wet stone, their roots will secrete a small amount of H+ ions, which will convert the metals into minerals. Ion becomes the nutrient for the moss that grows. When the moss gradually grows and spreads, the water retention of the stone will increase day by day, and it will continue to grow.

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Second. what effect will the moss on the stone have on the stone?
1. Moss is like a sponge to absorb water on the surface of the stone for a long time, which will make the stone underneath long-term moist, leading to deterioration and discoloration.

2. The H+ ion conversion effect makes the organic matter produce carbonic acid, humic acid, and various organic acids, and produces a colloidal clay film on the surface to destroy the stone.

Third. How to deal with if the stone grows moss?

The treatment method of stone growing moss:
1. Material characteristics:
HMK R60 Moss Cleaner is a combination of Aligicidal and Funciclal with cationic tension. The moss remover is biologically decomposed to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning without harming the stone.

Two scopes of application:
HMK R60 Moss Removal and Mildew Removal Agent are used for the surface treatment of moldy stone moss or grout.

Three methods of use:
1. The moss removal agent is a liquid in a watering can, spray it directly without dilution.
2. Severely prominent moss needs to be removed with a spatula in advance to enhance the effect.
3. In severe cases, it is best to wrap it in plastic bags.
4. After a few hours, the tiny tissues have been decomposed, and the remaining tissues can be washed away with clean water.

Four matters needing attention:
1. Please wash your hands clean after use.
2. Do not splash your eyes during use, and rinse with plenty of water when splashed.
3. Do not use acidic cleaners to corrode.

What are the three major reasons for cracks in artificial stone countertops?
The root causes of the cracks in the countertops of artificial stone cabinets are mostly caused by the three reasons that they do not care or use improperly, add a large amount of calcium powder to the artificial stone, and the cabinets are not made flat. Regardless of the reason, it is always artificial, so when making cabinets, one must understand some basic knowledge of artificial stone countertops, and secondly, when buying and choosing the quality of the artificial stone, the last is the cabinet making. Pay attention to stability, so as to avoid problems and troubles after installation.

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Because it doesn’t care or use improperly
In the hotlines reported by readers, some readers said that they had stepped on the table to fetch things. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable. The countertops also need to be carefully maintained. The normal artificial stone countertops can withstand a temperature of 130°C, especially where they cannot be heated. Even if the quartz stone has good high-temperature resistance, it will burst if the instantaneous temperature is very high. Do not use open flames. Or directly bake, roast, or burn the countertop at high temperature; do not put the cooking hot pot on the stove directly on the countertop, use pads and other insulation materials; cut vegetables on the cutting board to prepare food, do not use metal sharps (such as kitchen knives, etc.) ) Mark and cut directly on the table to avoid surface damage and potential cracks.

In addition to the price, a more professional identification method is to take a 50 cm sample, ignite it against the blue flame of the alcohol lamp, and then slowly leave the flame. The flame of the aluminum powder board will automatically extinguish in 3 seconds, and the calcium powder The flame of the board will last more than 10 seconds.

Because a lot of calcium powder is added to the artificial stone
Because artificial stone can be arbitrarily shaped and beautifully colored, it has become the mainstream of the market, but because the ingredients inside are not the same, even the difference is relatively large, and the quality is also uneven.

Generally, the main components of artificial stone are colored agents, stabilizers, and resins. The most important thing is to distinguish between aluminum powder and calcium powder. Aluminum powder is more environmentally friendly, and its chemical composition is aluminum hydroxide. It is widely used in stomach medicine and toothpaste. The molecular structure is compact and the stability is relatively good; while the chemical composition of calcium powder is calcium carbonate, which is actually a stone powder, which is relatively rough and has poor permeability and stability. The price difference between the two powders is very large. The price of 1 ton of aluminum powder is 30,000 yuan, while the price of calcium powder is only one-tenth or even lower than that of aluminum powder. Therefore, the most critical problem of countertop cracks is that calcium powder is added to the artificial stone instead of aluminum powder.

Due to the complicated craftsmanship of the cabinets, some businesses take the opportunity to deceive consumers by shoddy them. The common method is to use low-quality calcium powder, but cover the surface with a beautiful resin. With the naked eye, ordinary consumers cannot see the quality. After sawing, the cross-section of the good-quality artificial stone is rolled up. It is flake-like, and the poor quality is broken and has poor adhesion. At present, high-quality artificial stone countertops are about 900 yuan per meter, while artificial stone countertops with a large amount of calcium powder only sell for 100 yuan per meter, or even lower.

Because the cabinet is not flat
Uneven cabinets are the second reason that professionals have summed up. According to the person in charge of a Xi’an brand cabinet, the cabinet body and the artificial stone countertop have different shrinkage degrees, so the two cannot be glued together. To make the countertop evenly stressed, the cabinet must be level to prevent cracks from appearing. However, many non-brand cabinets are not standardized and refined production. The cabinet and the cabinet are connected by wood screws. The workers operate manually based on experience, but the force will be different every time, which will cause the cabinet to be different. It will be level, and then put the countertop on the uneven cabinet. After a long time, cracks will easily appear.

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Calacatta Laza kitchen countertops

At present, in addition to refined operations, branded cabinets will first put a layer of moisture-proof board on the cabinet body, and then add the countertop; or after the cabinet body is leveled, wooden strips are used as the keel support and connected with glass glue to form a very flat Afterwards, the countertop will be seated on the cabinet. On the one hand, the impact resistance of the countertop is improved, and on the other hand, the gap of the keel will facilitate the heat dissipation of the stove.