In daily life, oil contamination on the stone is an unavoidable major problem, especially the stone used in the kitchen, it is most likely to be contaminated with some oily substances. From the overall feeling, this oily problem not only destroys the entire home The environment also affects the health of the occupants. So, how can the oil on the stone in the kitchen be effectively removed?

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1. It is generally easier to clean up oil stains caused by oily fume problems. In the cleaning process, some neutral professional degreasers can be used to thoroughly clean the surface of the stone. After the cleaning is completed, the area that is more difficult to treat You needs to use a rag and other items to stick a little detergent on the stubborn stains for targeted cleaning. In the cleaning process, the use of cleaning agents and other items needs to be appropriate, so as to avoid excessive use, which will eventually cause the appearance of stone white flowers and the formation of spots.

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2. The stains caused by liquid oil can be wiped clean immediately. After the wiping is completed, you can use a professional neutral stone detergent to clean it, if it is found in the cleaning process If the oil is absorbed by the stone, it is necessary to use alkaline or neutral cleaning solution containing an appropriate amount of active agent to clean it. Generally, we recommend that the occupants soak the stone for about 10 minutes with the cleaning agent, and then use some Auxiliary tools are used to wiping the stone, and good results can be achieved after several iterations.

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I would like to remind everyone that in the process of cleaning oily stains, you need to distinguish the source of oily pollutants, and then clean them according to their occurrence. If you need to maintain the stone after cleaning, you can find a professional The maintenance company comes to carry out construction and maintenance.