The price of quartz stone in decorative stone is slightly higher than other stones. Because of its high hardness, strong corrosion-resistance, and high-temperature resistance, quartz stone is widely used in cabinet countertops.

grey quartz countertops

Light grey quartz countertops

In fact, there is still a certain process for the quartz stone plate from the factory to the processing and use of the cabinet countertops, including transportation, measurement, processing, and installation. The installation of quartz stone countertops should not be underestimated as the last link. After all, if you do not pay attention to the installation or improper construction, it will easily affect the later use, and even the possibility of breakage will bring unnecessary trouble to the normal use (regardless of Repair or replacement).

sparkling grey quartz

sparkling grey quartz countertops

The correct installation method can reduce or even avoid the break rate of the countertop. First of all, before installation, make sure that the flatness of the on-site cabinet and the floor cabinet is kept at the same level. Secondly, when installing the countertop, it is necessary to keep a distance of 3-5mm between the countertop and the wall to prevent the countertop and cabinet from expanding due to thermal expansion and contraction. Once again, for some L-shaped or longer countertops, some strong glass glue can be used when necessary.

quartz grey

quartz grey countertops