Installing a sophisticated marble countertop is economical and simple. When it comes to its cleaning and care, compared with other ceramic tiles, marble is also a better choice. It does not require cleaning and grouting, and it can almost be said to be free of cleaning and care.
Things needed:
Hammer used to demolish old countertops
Horizontal line
Silicone adhesive

green marble vanity top

green marble vanity top

Step 1: Measure the installation area. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the installation area. Decide whether you want to install a countertop with a sink or install the two separately.

Step 2: Customize marble countertops from home improvement stores or marble manufacturers.

Step 3: Remove the old countertops and sinks, pay attention to keep the cabinets intact, unless you want to replace the cabinets. The demolition work must be carried out for a few days before the installation of a new elegant marble platform. Do not remove the old countertops and sinks until you receive the new countertops and sinks, especially if you are still using them every day.

Step 4: Install the new countertop first, do not apply any glue. Try the effect to see if it is suitable. If the installation area is not a complete square, you may need to refurbish a new countertop.

Step 5: Install the rear baffle and make sure it is tightly integrated with the wall. If the area is not a complete square or there are gaps, make necessary adjustments.

green granite marble price

Factory green granite marble price

Step 6: After checking all the corners, you can start to glue the materials. Use 100% clean silicone adhesive. The clean silicone adhesive is very sticky and will not fade on light-colored marble. Avoid using dark-colored adhesives, because once they dry, their color will show through the marble. Before using the adhesive, wipe the dust from the back of the marble with alcohol. Clean up any excess adhesive that may have adhered to the marble.

Step 7: Leave it for 8 hours before using it. Make sure that the countertop is evenly fixed on the cabinet.

Step 8: Clean the countertop with a damp cloth and water. Marble is easy to clean, avoid using abrasive materials to prevent scratches on the countertop.

green marble laminate countertops

green marble laminate countertops