1. Finished product protection: Pack all the toiletries on the countertop, check whether the faucet, basin, countertop are damaged; put a floor mat at the door and put on shoe covers during the construction process.

marble bathroom vanity top

marble bathroom vanity top

2. Cutting and blocking: the room for treating mildew will not allow guests to stay temporarily, so as to ensure that the handwashing table is clean and dry during the treatment of mildew.

3. Dry grinding cleaning: first use No. 0 dry sanding pad to rough open the stone surface, and use coarse sandpaper to manually sand the stone surface where the portable polishing machine can not grind to let the water vapor inside the stone emit.

4. Humidity measurement: use a moisture meter to measure the humidity of the table, and it can be constructed when it is less than 10%.

5. Prescribe the right medicine: first, apply the stone mold and decolorizer to the surface of the stone, and then use a clean brush to lightly press the place where the agent is applied. The applied agent should not bulge. Use a rust remover to apply the rust yellow area. After the agent reacts for 2-4 hours, observe whether the contaminated stone is cleaned. If it is not cleaned up, apply for the medicine again.

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6. Removal of liquid medicine: After curing the mildew spots, use stone soap or water to remove the remaining medicine on the countertop.

7. Brushing protection: After the stone is cleaned and dried, the stone protective agent is applied to effectively control the production of mildew during later use.

8. Finally, follow the general process of stone care, perform sequential grinding, follow-up polishing, and other procedures to restore the original gloss and decorative effect of the stone.

The removal of mildew stains is treated according to the specific situation. It is recommended to apply the agent 3 to 4 times. It will be better to add 84 disinfectant during the treatment (84 disinfectant has the function of fading).

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Calacatta white marble vanity backsplash