Quartz stone has become the most ideal cabinet countertop material for its excellent properties such as high hardness, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and non-bleeding. It is highly praised by the industry and consumers. However, it is inevitable that there will be some problems in use, a very small number of which is the problem of the quartz stone itself, and the vast majority of it is caused by improper use. Many people leave messages to the editor in the background asking how to pay attention in daily use. In response to this issue, the editor specially interviewed an R&D staff member of a quartz stone manufacturer.

babylon grey quartz

babylon grey quartz countertops

Matters needing attention and problem solving during use:

1. The phenomenon of color bleeding occurs. Quartz stone is hard, not easy to scratch, and not easy to penetrate. It is determined by the special properties of quartz stone. Some manufacturers also do the surface antifouling treatment. Do not scratch with sharp tools for a long time. Scratches on the countertop will damage the protective layer and cause bleeding problems.

2. Cracking and discoloration occur on the edge of the furnace mouth. The main material of quartz stone is pressed by quartz sand and resin. Do not place the hot pan and other hot containers for a long time, because the temperature of the hot container is far more than 100 degrees. As a result, the countertop will expand and contract due to heat or crack or leave a mark on the bottom of the container. If you need to place it, please use an insulation pad.

piatra grey quartz

piatra grey quartz countertops

3. Prevent materials such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, etc. from being spilled on the countertop, which needs to be cleaned in time. Do not use wire balls for cleaning, just use clean water and a cloth to clean.

No matter what product wants to extend its life, it cannot do without careful care and maintenance in daily use. The price of quartz stone is generally high on cabinet countertops. It is recommended to wax and maintain once a month (car wax or floor wax can be used), use a neutral detergent for cleaning, and clean it in time after use.

noble grey quartz

noble grey quartz countertops