The colors of granite are as many as rainbows. When you consider the color matching of granite countertops of different colors, you will find that the matching methods are endless, and there are countless colors of granite countertops to choose from.

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Factory prices average cost to install granite countertops

In fact, many granite suppliers and retailers display granite countertops of different colors according to the main colors, such as white, black, and brown. At the same time, “rare” or “exotic” granite colors are often displayed. These types of granite are generally composed of several different colors, or two or more colors are equally divided, this type of granite is difficult to classify.

So, if you intend to install granite countertops in the bathroom or kitchen, you can mix granite pieces in various colors. If your bathroom already has a specific color theme, then choose a complementary color or another color with light and shadow effects according to the wall color and the theme color of the decoration.

Suppose a bathroom has pink or peach-colored walls, beautiful white windowsills, and light green granite countertops. What a beautiful bathroom.

On the other hand, the different light and shadow effects of pink or peach also have amazing effects. If your bathroom is absolutely pink or rose, try dark red granite countertops. This will increase the depth of red.

The most important point is that choosing the color of the granite countertop is very interesting. If you really plan to buy granite countertops, you’d better take the time to choose the color that best suits the room.

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Many retailers are happy to send samples of granite countertops in different colors to customers. The sample pack usually contains more than twenty colors of samples. Before buying, if you want to get more accurate colors of the samples you are interested in. Then you can ask for a sample of the specific color you want.

When you ask for further samples, if you have to charge, it is also a way to determine whether you really like this color granite once installed.

In order to choose a suitable color from many colors, you can consult several granite countertop retailers to find the one that suits you. In addition, the Internet is quite convenient. When browsing the web, be sure to write down the selected color and price. After comparing, you can find suitable granite at your acceptable price.

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