The countertop is the most frequently used place in your kitchen. Washing, cutting, cooking, and other operations need to be completed with the help of the countertop. At the same time, the countertop is also the most visible “face” in the kitchen. Ordinary requirements, can the countertop you choose to meet your requirements?

1. The traditional “artificial stone” countertop is made of “resin” as the main material (commonly known as plastic); 1) It is not resistant to high temperature, and is easily deformed, warped, and burst when exposed to high temperature or thermal expansion and contraction. 2) Plastic resin surface does no feel Real and natural; 3) The surface is easy to scratch and has low abrasion resistance. It depends on the short-term “gloss” surface maintained by “beauty”. 4) Static fibrous dust is diffused during processing, installation, and maintenance, which affects human health and pollutes the entire Indoor environment 5) Sometimes there is a color difference, easy to fade and change color 6) Poor stain resistance to strong acid, oil, tea, coffee, etc. 7) Prone to corrosion, oxidation and aging 8) High after-sales repair rate. Can it fully meet your requirements?

cleaning quartz countertops

Carefully cleaning quartz countertops

2. Distinguish “quartz stone” or other imitation China-Quartz-Stone materials: Maybe these products appear in different places and you will mistake them for the same. You might as well compare China-Quartz-Stone with it. 1) Compare their density from the side of the material; 2) Compare their texture and gloss from the surface of the material; 3) Conduct a penetration test to observe their stain penetration; 4) We even recommend that you use the same strength Rub them on the cement or tiled floor, observe the slag drop, 5) carefully compare their crafting details. Will you choose them by comparison? You must know that China-Quartz-Stone took 8 years to complete such mature manufacturing technology.

The best cost-effective countertop

As long as we analyze it carefully, you will find:

1. The countertop is a durable consumer product, and we need its service life of 10 years or more. If you choose the artificial stone that is only half the price of China-Quartz-Stone, some money will be saved on the surface, but this kind of material will have many problems after 1-2 years, such as discoloration, penetration, cracking, dent, water leakage, etc. Wait. It will affect your mood and health, and when you have to change, do you still think China-Quartz-Stone is expensive?

2. Sales price = material price + processing price + service price + added value. China-Quartz-Stone has many added values, such as Microban antibacterial (protecting your priceless health), easy-to-clean skin texture, a luxurious and elegant surface, and maintenance-free enjoyment. Would you still consider it expensive?

quartz countertops lowes

China quartz countertops lowes

China-Quartz-Stone——The most cost-effective countertop

There is a misunderstanding that scratches can be polished
The scratches caused by “artificial stone” can be solved by repolishing the surface, which is actually a big misunderstanding:
1. Polishing the surface will bring huge dust pollution and odor pollution, and dust will be in every corner.

2. Each time of polishing will reduce the thickness of the tabletop, which is easy to cause instability of the tabletop structure and uneven surface.

3. Every scratch is a breeding ground for bacteria. Can you tolerate polishing and polishing once every six months? Can the countertop withstand several polishing and polishing?

quartz countertops price

Factory quartz countertops price

A truly environmentally friendly countertop
The definition of green environmental protection refers to whether materials will cause harm to people and nature during the entire process of manufacturing, processing, using, and discarding.

Manufacturing: China-Quartz-Stone uses the most widely existing SiO2 inorganic material on the earth as the main component, and removes impurities, and purifies the raw materials without heavy metal radiation sources. The production water uses self-purified circulating water, which does not cause pollution to the environment.

Processing: The wood strip substrate that meets the E1 standard, the American General (GE) glass glue, the originally imported epoxy resin adhesive from Italy, there is no excessive formaldehyde pollution, and there is no need to polish the surface on site.

Usage: Easy to clean, maintenance-free, American Microban antibacterial protection, life-long health care, and the disposal of SiO2 inorganic materials will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

In summary, you can easily recognize that China-Quartz-Stone is a truly green material.