Granite is an ideal material for countertops because it is durable and beautiful. Installing granite in bathrooms, kitchens, and bars can increase the value and beauty of the room. When choosing granite, you need to consider factors such as color, smooth surface, edge, and thickness, and you need to understand these factors before installation. Here are some shopping steps.

maintaining granite countertops

Black Galaxy maintaining granite countertops

Step 1: Compare prices. Many granite installation companies provide free installation, so you must compare the prices in order to buy the best quality stone at the lowest price. View granite samples, engineering pictures, and customer reference instructions.

Step 2: Choose the granite color according to your home style. Granite is a natural stone, and it is normal for the color to change. So the granite countertop you choose may not be the same as the sample on display.

Step 3: The incompleteness of the granite will affect the integrity of the structure. Granite has natural depressions and slight scratches, but this does not affect its beauty but adds to its natural beauty. If you are worried about the color and imperfections of granite, choose the plate yourself.

modern granite countertops

Black colored modern granite countertops

Step 4: Choose the style of the sink. No matter what kind of sink you choose, if you need to cut, the granite maker will charge extra. You must provide a sink template to the manufacturer, so it is best to buy a sink first.

Step 5: Choose the thickness. The thickness of the granite countertop is generally 2-3 cm or 3/4-1 inch. 3 cm granite countertops are more expensive, but stronger and more attractive. The 2 cm granite countertops usually need plywood support, and the edges must be rolled.

Step 6: Determine the style of the edge of the countertop. If you don’t like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to customize the design. You may need an edge that matches with cabinets or other furniture.

Step 7: Ask the manufacturer whether it will install seamlessly. The seams on the granite are very obvious, you can choose seamless stitching, but you may have to pay more. Some granite workers put the joints on the side of the sink to reduce the marks, but due to the penetration of water, the mud will gradually be damaged.

exotic granite countertops

Galaxy black exotic granite countertops

Although granite is very durable, it will crack if you hit it with a heavy object. For safety’s sake, put a chopping board on when cutting, put heavy tableware in the cabinet, and don’t hang potted plants above the countertop.

Most granite manufacturers will seal. In order to maximize the protection of the granite countertops from staining and other damage, the granite countertops must be resealed every two years.