The countertops of the cabinets are gradually diversified. When everyone is buying, they often appear hesitant. Then, how about the quartz countertops?

Introduction to Quartz Stone
First of all, let’s briefly understand the quartz stone, which is an abbreviation of the plates produced by the current quartz stone plate manufacturers. It has very stable physical and chemical properties, various colors, and a gloss of glass. It contains two elements: quartz and resin. Under normal circumstances, the quality of quartz stone is related to the content of the resin. The lower the quality content, the better the quality of the quartz stone. At present, there is quartz in the quartz stone on the market. The content is above 93%.

quartz waterfall countertop

Malaysia quartz waterfall countertop

Material hardness
Here, we will learn more about quartz countertops. According to research and investigations, the quartz crystals in the quartz stone are natural minerals whose hardness is second only to diamonds in nature, and their hardness is completely higher than that of various knives and shovels used in the kitchen. Therefore, they are made of quartz stone. Quartz stone cabinet countertops don’t have to worry about being scratched like wooden cabinet countertops, which will affect the overall appearance of the cabinet.

Material characteristics
In addition to the high hardness of the quartz stone cabinet countertops, it also has another feature, that is, it is not worn out. It is also mentioned above that the quartz stone itself has a glass luster, and the quartz stone cabinet countertops made of quartz stone are in good condition. After complex process treatment, the characteristic of quartz stone with glass luster is fully excavated. In addition to its high hardness, it will not be scratched by a knife in daily life, and liquid will not penetrate. Going into the material can effectively protect the countertop of the cabinet.

Corrosion resistance
According to investigations, quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material formed under vacuum and has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the various acid and alkali liquid condiments used in our daily kitchen. Sprinkle on the countertop to corrode the countertop. At the same time, after a special process, the quartz stone cabinet countertops are also easy to clean. When cleaning the countertops, you only need to wipe them with detergent or water with a rag, which is simple and convenient.

minuet quartz countertop

minuet quartz countertop