Granite is an ideal material for countertops because it is both beautiful and durable. Installing granite countertops in the kitchen can increase beauty and taste. When choosing and purchasing granite countertops, factors such as color, smoothness, edges, and thickness should be considered. Some installation elements must be understood before installation. Here are some knowledge and key to purchasing granite countertops.

gray granite countertops

Natural gray granite countertops

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price comparison

Many granite installation companies provide free installation. Therefore, compare prices and aim to buy the best quality stone at the lowest price. Check granite samples, engineering, pictures, and customer opinions.

Choose the color of granite according to family-style

Granite is a kind of natural stone, and the color change is very normal. Therefore, you don’t have to buy granite countertops of the same color as the sample.

Granite defects can affect the integrity of the structure

Granite has natural dents and scratches, but this not only does not affect its beauty but increases its natural beauty. If you are worried about granite defects and colors, you can choose granite slabs.

grey granite countertops

grey granite countertops

Choose the style of your sink

No matter which sink you choose, if you need to cut, the granite manufacturer will charge extra. You must provide the sink template to the manufacturer, so it is best to buy the sink first.

Confirm edge style

If you don’t like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design and customize it. When you use it with cabinets or other furniture, you need to edge the countertop.

Whether there is a gap in the installation

Granite cracks are very common, you can choose seamless installation, but the cost may be higher. Some workers leave seams beside the granite sink, but they will gradually be destroyed due to the long-term penetration of water.

prefab granite countertops

Project prefab granite countertops

Tip: Although granite is durable, if you hit it hard, it will crack. In terms of safety, put a stand when cutting things on the granite countertop, put heavy utensils in the cabinet, and do not put bonsai or other things on the granite countertop.

Most granite manufacturers will seal. In order to maximize the protection of granite countertops from staining and other damage, you need to seal them every two years.