In recent years, g654 has become the best choice for people to choose kitchen countertops. Prices vary, mainly based on the thickness of the trim, polished surface, and slab. This material is reasonably priced, and home decoration, etc. are still willing to choose it. They will choose a small section to decorate the room to make the room more stylish, and those with financial means will choose the granite sink to match the countertop to create a flawless kitchen space. g654 kitchen countertops are currently a popular and inexpensive choice among kitchen countertop materials on the market.

light grey granite countertops

G654 light grey granite countertops

g654 is formed by the solidification of magma under the pressure of the earth’s crust. It is composed of mica, quartz, feldspar, and other minerals, which makes it one of the hardest rocks in the world. In fact, granite has been used in construction and decoration for hundreds of years. Not as good as this, granite is wear-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring. It can also resist temperature changes when used outdoors. Granite is the fourth hardest natural product after diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Therefore, it is not surprising that it can withstand the high or low temperature of cooking utensils.

granite countertop grey

China G654 granite countertop grey

G654 can resist cracks, cracks, or scratches caused by knives and cooking utensils. Polishing can keep the granite bright forever. Easy to penetrate, it will absorb stains. So sealing is very important. Sealing can prevent stains and water stains from penetrating into the granite, and a water-based sealant can be selected. Seal it before installation, but seal it again after half a year. Seal every one or two years, of course, it depends on the usage of your countertop.

G654 granite countertops

China G654 granite countertops