Granite is a magmatic rock that contains a variety of different minerals, and it is these minerals that form its speckled appearance.

Although granite countertops are very strong and durable, some precautions must be taken to prevent them from being contaminated or damaged. Proper care and cleaning can maintain its permanent beauty.

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Clean up spilled liquid in time
Try to avoid spilling liquids (except water or some mild dishwashing liquid) on the granite countertops, especially the very acidic liquids. Orange juice, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc. all contain acidic substances that can damage the countertop. If it is spilled on the granite countertop, it should be cleaned up in time. Use a rag or paper towel to absorb the liquid, and then wipe the remaining liquid with a damp cloth.

Avoid placing heavy objects on the edge of the countertop
Granite countertops are very durable, but it is still necessary to avoid any danger that may damage them. One way to prevent damage is to avoid placing unnecessary heavy objects on the edge of the table. This includes grasping the countertop in order to maintain balance, climbing up the countertop to fetch high things, or clean stains on the wall. The pressure and gravity caused by these actions may damage the edge of the countertop and cause it to fall off.

Put a tripod or mat under the high-temperature utensils
Granite is very resistant to high temperatures, but the granite sheet does not have enough space to absorb all the heat. If the granite countertop is mixed with other building materials, it is best to put a tripod or heat insulation pad under the hot tableware. This helps keep heat away from building materials that are not heat resistant.

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Avoid using harsh cleaning products
Just as some foods and beverages contain high acid content, some common household cleaners also contain high acid content, which is likely to damage granite countertops. If you need to use some cleaning products to assist in cleaning, you can use mild cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid.

Sealing is also a good way to protect the countertop. Soluble-based sealants can be selected for granite countertops. Sealing does not make the countertop completely antifouling, it only enhances the antifouling performance of the countertop. The service life of the sealant is variable and depends on many elements, but you can estimate that it is sealed every two to three years.

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