Cabinets are used the most frequently in the family, while the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone countertops. Long-term use will bring certain damage to the quartz stone, which will also bring some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. In a certain sense, some household cleaning tools will cause some damage to it and even scratches.

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quartz absolute white countertops

The reason for the scratches on the surface of the quartz stone is that the quartz stone will not be easily scratched. It will not be easily scratched by using iron nails as much as possible. The hardness of the quartz stone plate should be up to 7 Mohs hardness. . The ones that are prone to scratches are cast quartz stone or artificial granite, which is made of imitated quartz stone. The surface is the same, but the hardness is insufficient. Some businesses will pretend to be granite and earn high profits. The unit price is less than half of the price of quartz stone. Furthermore, using super-hard tools to scratch the surface, or rubbing sand or glass particles on the surface of the countertop will cause damage to the countertop! Using iron wire balls to rub back and forth during cleaning will also scratch the quartz stone.

How to repair the scratches?

1. If the scratches are shallow, you can repair them by yourself. Use a hand-held polishing machine and a water-grinding sheet above 3000 meshes for polishing until the scratches disappear. If the operation ability is weak, it is recommended to buy water matte paper of more than 5000 mesh and add water for polishing.

2. If the scratches are deeper or more serious, you should find a professional or contact the manufacturer. Because the scratches are too deep, the resin should be used to repair them, and the resin should be polished after solidification.

quartz white

quartz white countertops

Therefore, you should pay attention to abnormal operations and timely maintenance during use. Do not put high-temperature objects directly or for a long time on the countertop, or directly remove hot pots, hot pots, and other hot pots from the stove, oven, or microwave oven. High utensils, etc. may cause damage to the surface of the quartz stone, so a heat insulation pad should be placed on the countertop. Don’t beat the countertop forcefully, cut, chop, or chop things directly on the countertop. Although the quartz countertop is solid and durable, it will leave unsightly scratches. After use, it should be washed with clean water in time to avoid leaving stains. For regular waxing, you can buy special waxes for stone in stone or cabinet stores. You can also use car wax or floor wax. It is best to wax once in three months, and stitches or key seats can be waxed once a month.

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