Although the physical and chemical properties of quartz stone countertops such as hardness, strength, temperature resistance, and penetration resistance are better than other materials, it does not mean that the material is indestructible.

In order to avoid possible damage to the quartz stone countertops, please pay special attention to the following during use:

quartz white and gray

Kitchen countertops quartz white and gray

(1) The surface of the countertop is generally not burned by high temperature, but it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to high temperature or local heating of the countertop for a long time. Do not put hot household utensils directly on the countertop to dissipate heat. It is recommended to use pot pads with better heat insulation to protect your countertop.

(2) Do not use heavy objects or sharp objects to hit the countertop, especially on weak parts such as stoves and water basins.

(3) If there are rubber, nail polish, paint, and other sticky substances that are particularly difficult to remove, if necessary, use a knife to gently scrape off. When scraping, you need to control the strength to avoid damaging the table.

(4) After contacting the countertop with non-neutral detergent and chemical solvent, it should be cleaned with clean water in time.

(5) Long-term exposure to strong sunlight will affect the gloss of the surface.

perla white quartz

Perla white quartz kitchen countertops

(6) After the countertop is installed on the kitchen cabinet by the professional processing and installation personnel, the User shall not carry out unreasonable disassembly, reassembly, and stepping on the countertop, so as to avoid breaking or cracking of the countertop.

Kitchens and powder rooms are places that are frequently used and are also places where stone countertops are most susceptible to pollution and damage, so pay special attention to their daily maintenance. This is as important as regular stone maintenance. Only in this way can the countertop remain beautiful and elegant for a long time.

pental quartz super white

pental quartz super white countertops