For the daily care of stone countertops, natural stone cleaners are currently the most suitable for the daily cleaning of stone. These cleaning products can be purchased directly at the stone store. In addition, many home improvement centers also sell various stone care products.

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If there is no stone cleaner, a mild and neutral dishwashing agent can also be used for daily cleaning. As with other countertops, wipe with a clean and smooth cloth after contact with food or other substances to prevent staining and growth of bacteria. Paper towels and disposable wipes are ideal because they will not carry and spread bacteria. Occasionally you can mix 50% water and bleach as a disinfectant, but be aware that repeated use may cause corrosion.

Remove stains immediately, especially acidic (citrus juice, vinegar, wine) or oily substances (edible oil, grease, butter, and cream) to ensure that the countertop is in good condition. If the stains are left on it, it will cause staining or damage to the finish of the stone. Do not use corrosive or irritating chemicals, including tile cleaners, window sill cleaners, stain removers, abrasives, or ammonia-containing cleaners. Plaster is also particularly harmful to stone countertops, and it is best not to touch it. Be sure to let the plumber know this. Cosmetics such as shaving cream and detergent can also damage the surface of the stone.

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It is forbidden to stand on the stone countertop, especially hanging on it, to ensure the integrity of the countertop structure to prevent cracking.

Use penetrating sealant: Many natural stones are sealed with penetrating sealant. You can ask the installer for advice on whether to seal before installation. This sealant can penetrate the stone surface and help prevent other substances from penetrating in and contaminating the countertop.

Stone countertops should be sealed with penetrating sealants on a regular basis according to the manufacturer’s advice. The frequency of use, the probability of dying, and the interval of sealing will determine when your countertop should be sealed again.

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