1. The drafted countertop plan must be suitable for hanging and above the cabinet, including the water baffle and any specification boards. Choose a countertop and baffle with a polished edge. What must be considered when drawing the countertop sketch is that the general size of the large board is 102 inches * 62 inches. So the treatment of the seams is very important.

2. After the sketch is drawn, the material is selected. You can contact some stone manufacturers to request a quotation and inquire about the delivery time. The quotation must include slab price, production, and installation.

cost to install granite countertops

low cost to install granite countertops

3. The manufacturer will require the customer to pay a 50% deposit before putting it into production. Customers must confirm the materials before paying the deposit. When testing the stone, we must consider some of the small defects of the stone and the difference from the model, especially the large slab manufacturing. If the grade of the stone is involved, the customer must personally see how the actual stone is used for their decoration. The client must also understand that stone is a natural material with unalterable characteristics.

4. The model produced by the manufacturer or installation company. In order to produce a model with accurate dimensions, the cabinet must have been installed and fixed. Others such as sinks, faucets, kitchenware counters, dishwashers, and some related accessories should be ordered in advance before the countertops are installed.

5. The stone processing factory will cut the stone and grind the edge according to each requirement of the customer. You will pay extra for any modification. The properly handled seams and edges are an important reference factor when checking the engraving process and engineering quality of the project. The tabletop to be installed has been polished, and the edges are polished. It is allowed for the installer to make some small errors during the installation process.

granite countertop installation

golden yellow granite countertop installation

6. The stone processing factory and installer deliver the goods and install it at the designated place. Usually, after the installation is completed and the customer is satisfied, the stone processing manufacturer and installer require payment of the remaining payment.