When we actually maintain and damage the stone, we must protect the surrounding environment and pay attention to water and chemical pollution. Therefore, if the stone is contaminated by fruit juice, tea stains, etc., it must be treated in the shortest time. If the contamination is serious, for example, the surface has been eroded. Lost the original luster, here it is recommended that you use polishing powder for polishing again, if it is serious, then you need to contact the stone company for professional maintenance.

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If there is a slight scratch on the surface, it needs to be repaired in the shortest time. If it is not treated in time, it is easy to invade the inside of the stone when exposed to moisture and cause the disease of the stone. How can it be repaired? First, clean the stains, then polish, and then choose a good curing agent for curing treatment. Need to be replaced in time.

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Sometimes the damaged stone will cause yellowing. At this time, we must first clean it. When cleaning, we must choose a neutral cleaning agent for treatment. The more difficult-to-clean stone needs to be cleaned and repaired with a decolorizing agent. Use clean water to clean, and finally need to use a clean cloth to clean up the surface moisture in time.

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